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    BBS (multiple thoughts)

    Well i when i saw a trailer/or a pic of BBS (somewhere i cant remember), it had MX in it. MX had said "i was waiting for u to find me, to cross in in between light an dark". I thought about this, (if this hasnt already been said), is it possible that Terra might have thought about becoming a...
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    My Newest BBS Theory(s)

    yea although i hate to admit it, i agree with OmniChaos. i still need to somehow find my theory that i posted a while back, i got some new ideas for it.
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    358/2 Days

    idk, thats a good question, i'd probably look at other DS games and ask myself if they r voiced too, i dont have a ds so i wudnt know
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    358/2 Days

    i'd still wanna use Larxene the most, just spamming her speed attacks are all that is needed to win on a mission :p
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    Birth by Sleep, Awakening by Death...

    thats wat i have thinking about too
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    well looking at a Luxord thread, i thought maybe i can get a theory on wat Zexion wud be like in 358/2 days
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion well people like me dont get christmas or birthday money, of course im working, but with my mom cutting my check ya know savin for college asnd all, i have little to no money to buy a DS
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    BBS Question

    thast what im talking about, is Terra talking about Xehanort (scientist) or MX, which asking that to myself sounds like the scientist one, but how can that be???? i just dont know. i dont think Terra was talking about MX because obviously, he's older than Terra so....
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    BBS Question

    it saids Terra was wrong in his choice. lol. but what i dont get is, how Terra influence the KK and who it was suppose to pick, does this mean that Terra can issue out Keyblades???
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    BBS Question

    well what do u guys think Terra was talking about when u fight him in KH2FM, he said something like "u arent the one i chose" "u arent Xehanort", what can this mean??????
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion i still dont see Aqua being the 14th, but anyway if all OrganizationXIII members can be played, does that mean that we might even get to play with the 14th???
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    I want to play KH2: FM

    u didnt answer her question though well i'll get an answer if u wont answer her 1.wat type of swap maic? 2.i know u have to buy something else other than swap magic, so what is it? i know Re:com isnt in english, but KH2FM is (cept for those un voiced scenes)
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    BBS and Org. XIII

    well knowing all this info, do u think we might learn more about the apprentices and their behaviors in BBS, if they made an appearance???
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion thats a freakin long time, what is a good projected release date for U.S. ???
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    Ven Theory

    well while i was on the bus home yesterday i was thinking about BBS and i thought to myself could it be possible if Ven was Sora's older brother. let me explain why i think this First off, im only specualting that the reason Roxas looks like Ven is because he (Roxas) is part of Sora hince his...
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    ~\\My awesome BBS THEORY//~

    kinda wat i said in my theory, but urs works too, nice
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    Birth "BY" Sleep

    words spoken by a person who apparently is not a noob
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion roxas is cool and all, but i wonder how they going to set up the fighting system with Luxord,Demyx, and Zexion.......plus i just wanna smash some heartless faces in with Lexaeus WOOT!!!!!!!!!!:thumbup:
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    What exactly is "kingdom hearts"

    its the heart of all living things, the place where the heart is born and where it will return when the vessel for the heart vanishes. I think it the safe place for hearts, so thats why Xemnas wanted Kingdom Hearts so he could become whole and alot more powerful
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    Lexaeus vs. Saix vs. Xaldin

    i think Xaldin would win because he has more weapons therefore he can land more hits and he has the aero shield, but most likely i'll go with Lexaeus only because he is a beast!