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    Demyx in Hollow Bation

    I had trouble with him, as well. It took me like 5 tries before I beat him. Remember to use the Reaction commands as much as possible. Stay away whenever he releases the water jets because you won't be able to get out of it until he stops. I suggest attacking from far away as much as possible.
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    FAQ : Drive Forms

    You can enter any cup and have your gauge filled up after quitting/finishing it.
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    im never playing kh2 again!!!

    I don't think that saying applies to what happened here. Clearly, the person didn't "count her chickens before it hatched" by starting a new game and just accidentally saving over it.
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    im never playing kh2 again!!!

    Next time I suggest making back up files. What I do is that I reserve at least 5 spaces in my memory card for KH2, so incase I do something wrong, or I miss something, I can just backtrack and use the file saved earlier. Just keep saving over the earliest saved file among the five so incase...
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    quick level tips for the idiots

    Yea, those damn beserkers are so annoying. I got fed up and just blast them all with lightning everytime I see one.
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    quick level tips for the idiots

    I do agree on this dude's training method. It's for idiots only. LOL.
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    quick level tips for the idiots

    Beserkers give 1000exp. The ones that give 400exp are the Creepers, and Dusks.
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    quick level tips for the idiots

    Is this what idiots do? You must know alot ;)
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    Orchikulum+ where to get it?

    If in the recipe list, the item for Ultima Weapon becomes white (which means you got enough materials) just click on it, and then there's 2 checkboxes below (sometimes 3). You can check-off 2 of the three boxes. Make sure you check off the one that makes the ingredients be cut down into half...
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    Orchikulum+ where to get it?

    There's been numerous threads about this. I suggest using the search feature next time.
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    Glide ability, where to get it?

    You need to obtain Final Form Level 3 in order to get Glide Level 1.
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, thanks!
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    WAAAA!!!!!!Seph Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm having trouble finishing him off as well. What's sad is that I'm on level 83 now. haha. I'm just gonna train until I'm level 99 or so, then I'll try to beat him. One question though, how can I use the Trinity Limit when I'm only fighting on my own? Don't you need Donald and Goofy for that...
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    Font for TWTNW

    I wonder what font they used for The World That Never Was. Does anyone have any idea?
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    Item Help

    Yea, I find it to be one of the fun things in the game. :)
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    Item Help

    Orichalcum+ Locations: Central Computer Mesa (Space Paranoids) treasure chest. Sunset Terrace (Twilight Town) treasure chest. Brink of Despair (The World That Never Was) treasure chest. Finish Starry Hill in 100 Acre Wood. Finish "A New Day Is Dawning" in Atlantica. Finish "Goddess Of Fate" Cup...
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    final form?????

    I got it while training Wisdom form. Just keep changing forms and be patient, you'll get it eventually. For me, I never saw Sora change into Final Form, I just noticed that I got the form through the menus. So keep checking the status menu once in a while, maybe you've gotten it but you just...
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    The Unofficial "I Dislike Something in KH2" Thread

    The things that annoyed me the most in the game is the whole scene with the Flying Carpet in Agrabah. It was so difficult to move around, especially wile trying to move not only forward, backward, and side to side, but also up and down. I found the same difficulty in Atlantica in KHI as well.
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I got mine like last week while I was down at DisneyWorld in Orlando. I thought I could get it anywhere over there since it's a Diseny game but to my surprise, none of the stores I went to over at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and my hotel souvenir shop had it. The people working there didn't even know...
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    Final Form????

    The Final Form was kinda annoying to get cuz I didn't realize I got it until I checked the status area in the menu. I got it while leveling up my Wisdom Form. The weird thing is that I never noticed that I was on Final Form. It just kinda popped up on the menus.