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    the ending of kingdom hearts 2.

    same here, im especially gonna stay off this site till I beat it cause some n00b might just go ahead and post the ending and other important plot lines.
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    The Rumor Of Vincent Comes Again With Power

    I hope he is. Vincent is cool! Maybe they'll have him appear in Deep Dive or Twilight Town.
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    what would you do if they suddenly cancelled KH2

    I'd probably just create a mob of KH fans, fly to Japan, attack SE building, and hold Nomura hostage until they finish the game.
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    KHU V-JUMP Details

    I'm dissapointed how they're doing the Atlantica level, i mean, you have to dance to kill a boss? WTF, are you sure the dancing isn't just a minigame or something, cause that would be more reasonable than a boss battle. I hope Nomura put it there for a good reason...
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    Ursula Boss Battle

    I thought it was minigame, not the actual boss battle*sorry, I haven't been on since Sunday*. That's weird....
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    TGS trailer summary

    Great find NEO! Good as always.
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    Possible KH2 Summons

    I'd like to see Pegasus and Stitch as summons. You could probably ride on Pegasus's back and slash the Heartless without taking any damage, and Stitch would destoy them with his lazer guns. Even though it would be an awesome boss, imagine summoning that giant firebird from Fantasia 2000. It...
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    tarzan or disney castle forest???

    ok ppl i think he knows now it's mulan's world, so this topic can be closed now.
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    I hope he is too, but i have a feeling he will be.
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Worlds

    I mentioned figting that giant bird in another thread like a month ago, I think that would be awesome. Maybe it will a final-world sub-boss like Chernabog was, and since its totally made of fire and lava, it would be a real challenge. Lion King and Robin Hood are other two worlds I'd like to see.
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    I agree with riku104, if it was in KH2 i think it will be a playable world with Stitch as a party member and Gantu as a boss.
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    I hope it does, it's only fair cause they got Final Mix. It'll be also fair if both US and Japan got it on the same day.
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    Wheres the book?

    My guess is probably Disney Castle since Merlin is there.
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    New Drive!

    Tetsuya Nomura is his name. I got a newsletter saying that the new drive thing was true, but it's kinda hard to believe Sora fighting without his Keyblade.
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    new scans!!!!!!!!!

    Cool find, awesome scans. Guess we have to fight Ursula again.
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    FF to KH places

    I voted Midger, plus I think it may be in the game or we may see flashbacks of it because of Cloud's sidestory to the game.
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    KH2 Spoof

    ??? okkkaayyy...
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    will kh2 be . . .

    It hasn't been confirmed, but yah, it would be cool. More disks, longer game. What if it was on 4 disks like some of the FF games were on the PS1? Hahaha, I know that'll never happen lol.
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    TGS 2005 question.........

    I don't think they'll announce BHK's name just yet, but I hope they'll give us a better shot of the trailer, hopefully show the 8 minute one too!
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    argh, I haven't been on all week, I've missed soo much. Flippin school. On topic, cool site, just hope most of it is true, especially the voice actors.. Anyway, great find.