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    Just Wondering...

    that's true
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    Just Wondering...

    that's true
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    Just Wondering...

    I was just wondering, how can heartless be at worlds like the coliseum if those places keyholes r sealed, does it have something to do with the nobodies?
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    i found how the unknowns comunicate! there words

    u expect me to believe that's unknown language ?¿?
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    i found how the unknowns comunicate! there words

    what r u talking about, those r all ALT+ Number symbols.
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    Soras new voice

    yup, that's it.
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    New Organization member!!!

    Has any one played Demix and Xaldin into play with the D/D and AS/AS videos? Two new Org. members, maybe there glowing eye and sitting unknown? Prove me wrong, and i'm not trying to be a smart mouth, i want u to prove me wrong about that theory so i know more stuff.
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    What's your favorite KH song?

    My favorite is End of the World, i have it on my iPod, yes, i'm a huge nerd
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    my bhk theory: hasnt been shot down yet

    That's a great theory! i wanted to shoot u down but that theorys great!
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    Organization / Thirteenth Order

    Haha, KL, you amuse me.
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    deep dive world

    i love the AS/AS and DD music, does anyone know a link to find it?
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    End Clips???

    http://www.kh2.co.uk/?com=Videos Does this help at all?
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    PROVED: H.Bast., TwilightT and D.Isles = same world

    Those pix don't look like HB at all! Hallow Bastion looks like a old school castle that got hit with a junk yard and has nothing but dark clouds all the time. By the way, does anyone know where that new Destiny Island came from? I looked out in the distance from the beach in KH1 and never saw...
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    who would win

    keep answering the original post, but i was wondering what u guys had to say, behemoth v.s. cerberus, who would win? o, and cloud all the way!
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    Hallow Bastion Theory

    good, but i think hallow bastion just looks like that so it seems dark, but fancy at the same time.
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    # of Deaths

    i died only on bosses, dum heartless can't stop me! (p.s. i died alot against bosses)
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    what kind of pepole whould you like to fight in the coliseum!

    I'd want to see Sephiroth v.s. Riku, Ice Titan, and Darkside v.s. Piglet