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    hey everyone im back!

    I haven't been online in like 2 months so...did i miss anything? ohh and by the the way i like the new skin for the forums dont know bout u guys.
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    help plz

    I need too know hoe i can fight the ultimate weapon. the one that is flying around um.. the one that u fight in mideel. where can i find him??
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    What if..... (opinion thread)

    i say the same but..yeah that would be crazy.and it would make sence since thats wut happend when u had too fight darkside at the start of the game. and maybe after that dream with darkside and sore is at home he dreams about the rest of the things that happens.
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    What's your favorite Keyblade?

    Re: wats ur fav keyblade? Mine is the oathkepper or oblivion.
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    Best/Worst World in KH?

    Best-Hallow Bastion and Holloween Town. Worst-deep jungle and monstro.
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    Coolest Heartless in KHFM

    Re: coollest heartless from KH:FM dude i have final mix and i say neo and chimera are my fav.
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    What level were you when you beat the game?

    Re: what lvl where u when u beat the game? i was at lvl 80 with the Ultima Keyblade.
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    Sephiroth vs Enigmatic Man

    i have too say Sephiroth he has too be stronger.
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    Choosing the 2 Keyblades

    I'm going with Oathkeeper and Oblivion. it looks better to me.
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    Who would be a worthy Final Boss?

    I have too say bhk looks like a challenge.
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    some new home-made videos

    wow i like them nice man but i have too say the Final Fantasy VIII one is better.
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    I think Marluxia was easy but i did beat him at lvl 80
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    Axel and Marluxia

    yeah i have to agree with him i too think that AXEL can win!
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    Sora and axel

    one fights for light and the other one fights for maybe darkness.
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    Darkness or light

    i think that light and darkness both have a down side so i say in the middle.
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    What weapon would YOU choose?

    i say 2 keyblades cuz i think its better and it looks better i dont belive in defense.
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    i finally have final fantasy vll I cant belive it hope it was worth it. is it that good of a game?
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    The Coolest Heartless Ever Is...

    I love the Neo Shadows and Shadows. oh and stealth sneak I kinda like Kurt Zisa and the phantom