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    Knight Defeated Aftermath Video

    I wonder what he is saying.... -.-'
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    Mickey's Letter

    I'm not really good at this But.... Dear Sora, I called the hospital cuz you got hit in the head too much during KH2, and they said you are now fully retarded! Congratulations! ~Mickey Sora: What the heck is he talking about. Kairi: Sora you need to take your retarted pills! You know what...
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    Something I never noticed about the Nobody Symbol...

    Haha I never noticed this. I'm kinda lazy. :P
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    Roxas Seven Days Novel

    Ohhhh I didn't know there were novels. I really want to read them!!!!
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    Editing Process of Jap and Eng ver.KH2

    This was not fair. I liked the scenes that they cut out or edited. T.T
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    KH2 a rip off?

    iie. Kh2 is a great game and not a rip off.
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    I was fighting Xigbar and I went " YEAH I FINALY GOT IT! IN YOUR FACE BRO!" Haha but i died and i was pissed. Then i got again like a week later in Twilight Town.
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    Donald has a weak heart?

    I noticed this also. It's kinda true. haha.
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    Riku's arm

    I thought it was a arm band!!!! I never noticed it was limping.
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    Kh2 soundtrack

    i've been thinking about it too. i want it but they still haven't released it yet. They better.
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    KH2 Ending

    You can download them throught youtube? Where do i go in google?
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    KH2 Ending

    Where can i go to download the Kingdom Hearts 2 ending? I have the one that was supposed to be the ending but i could never get the one that the game has? I wonder why they didn't put the first one.
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    Fanfiction ► my own KH character :)

    hahaha Guess i'm not the only one with a character and story to go along with her. And the drawing and story are pretty good. I like it. Great job!
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    How does Riku get his (No Spoilers In Titles)!

    How does Riku get his keyblade? When you see him as Ansem in Land of the Dragons he has his his other sword from KH. Then when he comes out in The World that never was, he has the Keyblade. How did he get it?
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    *SPOILERS*Kingdom Hearts 2: Limited Edition Guide.

    i don't get this topic. What are you trying to say?
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    The actual card game

    Cool I want those cards!! Even if they are for poker and stuff. It's still Kingdom Hearts!! Where can I get them!?
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    Okay this could be funny but not sure

    That's not funny, just sick. This did waste my time. T_T
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    Final Mix question

    I got a lot of questions i wanna ask. Why did they show scenes from Final Mix if we didn't get it in America!!! One other thing. In the Disney 411 thing about KH2, Haley Joel Osment does not sound like sora!! He sound wierd.
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    This has bugged me

    Hey i was thinking of that too. They are like the opposite and they might go better if they were opposite. Heartless with Shells. Nobodies with hearts lost. I think.
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    Other Nobodies

    I thought that was the world that never was. Then every body in TT are nobodies? That's wierd. Everyone thinks they're normal but they are just data or something i cn't remember. Hmmm.