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    The Official Mysterious Figure Thread

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep - Mysterious Figure About 39 seconds in, JUST before MF summons his weapons, there's a quick flash of a black symbol which warps into his weapons. This just an effect or can anybody make anything of this? D;
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    Just wondering

    I don't think it's for power. He beats off TAV with ease, and It doesn't look like he wants to rule over worlds like Malificient.
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    Just wondering

    Ah yeah. But why would MX summon it?
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    Just wondering

    What would happen if a person were to absorb Kingdom Hearts, for example MX or Terra? We know that MX summons Kingdom Hearts or whatever but I haven't seen anybody asking why. Any ideas? Discuss, flame, enlighten me. :)
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    Do you think.

    Ok, ty. Just came across it and though - Hmmm. ^^
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    Do you think.

    Oh cool. But any idea what they're talking about?
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    Do you think.

    In this clip...(2:54-3:07) http://heartstation.org/?p=1007 ...Riku and Zexion are on Destiny Islands talking about something. Just wondering wether this has something to do with what Riku was doing in KH 1 when he wasn't around? Also wondering wether anybody has any idea what they're talking...
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    Crazy Weird Theory!

    So you mean that Xion is somehow a part of Sora? If not, you may have just stumbled onto something. D: