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    Which boss do you think is the most annoying

    Ansem on Rikus story, I never defeated him DX
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    KH Novel Translations - Official Thread

    Re: Axel--Seven Days Game Novel translation AH! This is so great D:! Update DX!!!
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    What if...

    I dont mind pink, but pink on a man is nice sometimes~ ;D
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    Who would win?..

    Twilight Thorn, Xemnas Nobodys would kick the heartless ass, fer sure
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    what were you thinking at the begining

    I was like NO I DONT WANT TO KILL MARLUXIA! DX haha j/k I had pretty much every emotion go through, while going through that game haha Thats totally amazing Captain D:
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    Gitaroo Man

    Is anyone else a fan? Anyone play Gitaroo Man Lives for the PSP? Anyone ever even heard of it?:eek:
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    What did Sora shout at the end?

    He probeley telling her his shopping list, lol I like to randomly put in my own dialouge during that scene :D But yeah as everyones said, it probeley doesnt matter
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    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    Oh Xaldin was a ton of fun to fight, cause I got to use mickey. I love just nobody hunting in The World That Never Was with Riku, cause I do session every three seconds o.o;; Demyx, the first time you fight him, not the final battle. Saix, cause hes soooo easy Xigbar, cause i like chasing him...
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    If they only had a heart~
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    Organization's strongest members?

    I had my ass handed to me the first time I fought Xaldin .__.'' But Strongest people...sheesh, Ill go with, Xemnas cause hes Number one *insert foam finger here* Lexaeus, most def causes hes just a strong manly man. *already said Xaldin...curse him and his dreads* Imma put Larxene up here, she...
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    Tips to Beat Sephirtoh?

    POTIONS D:! Put that moogle to good use.
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    What did "Ansem" mean he said this?

    I think he was just saying Sora was an idiot and didnt know as much as him, and was therefore inferior
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    Has this ever happend to anyone?

    Yeowtch that sounds pretty bad PX
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    What if...

    That would be SWWEETT! Marluxia (i hate the stupid pronunciation of this name >_>) FTW Even though I would hope he would one day be sleeping on his giant robo and Riku snatches Sora and go fight bad guys for like ever together, and go visit Kairi once in awhile... but thats why i dont make games xD
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    The Heartless group?...

    Uhm... I think their just minions who wanted to be loved I mean Maleficent isnt one for compassion haha
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    Allo Mates, Im new!

    Yup, thats right im new. Just thought I'd announce it to the world. So i guess I'll just go on posting then :35:
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    Is Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories super easy?

    Soras story was easy once you got the hang of it, but Rikus story was much harder and I never beat Ansem :'[
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    favourite cut scene in KH2

    My favorite scene is all the organization death scenes (Saix ftw <3) and the scene in Nightmare before Christmas where Soras excited about seeing Santa :]