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  1. Laz

    Your happiness!

    Tittle says it all, guys. In your post you should answer 3 things. What is the state of "happiness" to you? If a single item/person/place could bring you your happiness, what would it be? and why? Example(This is just an exmaple, not my personal view): 1- Being happy is feeling at peace with...
  2. Laz


    So i've been asked by one of the members here to post my original story "Tiamat." Hope you enjoy it, KitKat: The sun shined down with no mercy that morning; his golden rays seemed to suck all the life out of the dessert and the Tigris River. It was a dead morning; anything that...
  3. Laz

    KH2.5 cover question

    Well, i wouldn't be too excited about it, considering that the KH 1.5 cover was just some old artwork redone. Hopefully Nomura will stop being so lazy and actually make a new illustration for the kh 2.5 cover lol.
  4. Laz

    Old timer!

    So i haven't been here in a while, feels like a year now. Anyway, i was actually bored enough to come back lol. I wonder if some of the members i knew are still here?
  5. Laz

    Music ► So, is Flyleaf a christian Band or not?

    This has been going on for quite a while; they keep denying it though. What do you guys think?
  6. Laz

    Let's get froggy!

    Okay, so last week we were in World Prospects class at college and my teacher was telling a story. He was being introduced to his girlfriend's family over dinner. So he gets into an argument with his girlfriend's uncle and all of a sudden he said, and i quote, "what's your problem, dude, do you...
  7. Laz

    How much does Sora weigh?

    You are forgetting all that hair; that probably makes up for 20 lbs
  8. Laz

    Zelda and a nightmare before christmas motion graphics projects

    So what do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnGHbPWu9qQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpIorLpYbzQ&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RE2f4qgVOE0&feature=related
  9. Laz

    kinda, sorta back.

    Yep, to the smiles of few and the frown of most; i'm back[part time only lol].
  10. Laz

    Just got BBS and I gots a few questions

    Don't know, didn't have the luck to try it. If you can do it, go ahead. Higher, you are 23 so even critical mode won't be a challenge for you. It wasn't for me. Terra, Ven, Aqua Not really. As long as you have good commands and you are "command melding" savvy, you should be okay.
  11. Laz

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Were you being sarcastic? Cuz it's hard to tell over the internet. Al contrario, cards were a really good addition to the game; I hope they make a comeback somewhere. Kh com was the one that got me into the series...love that game, love the card system.
  12. Laz

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Okay, cool. Carry on with your thread.
  13. Laz

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Like I said, it al depends in one's Point Of View. I respect your opinion though, everybody has the right to be excited about something on 3D. After all, isn't 3D the trend these days? Not my case.
  14. Laz

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Well, I don't see any reason for your mind to be blown about. Just because you and some others fans are excited, doesn't mean everybody is hyped and jumping on their beds for this game. It depends on POVs really. Who knows, I might even buy and love the game; all i'm saying is that right now i'm...
  15. Laz

    Kingdom Hearts 3D's story "on par with main titles, will have shocking ending"

    Just like recoded, I'm not hyped at all for this 3D game; It's just another drag out for sucking our wallets dry......just make KH freaking III and wrap that taco already.
  16. Laz

    Need help wit password

    Kind of a newbie issue but how do i change my password without inputting my current password? EDIT: yeah, I forgot my password.
  17. Laz

    Talking vs texting...what do you like better?

    The tittle says it all. What do you like better? What do you feel most comfortable with? and why? Vote and give your opinion on the matter. For further info. I prefer talking. PS: Talking= talking over the phone texting= texting with a cellphone ......Just in case.
  18. Laz

    The Silent Hero?

    "Silent" Because he is dumb, slow, with autism traits, and can't hold his end of a conversation. "Hero" Because he is fat as a cow, I don't see anything heroic about that, but meh. Who am I to argue wit hNmoura.
  19. Laz

    Did anyone else love Ven?

    This sums it up in a blunt yet successful way. I second that EDIT: I think it's ironic how i keep bashing on ven while I have his picture on my sig lol.
  20. Laz

    Did anyone else love Ven?

    You can say that again lol The fact that Sora and Roxas look well when separated(roxas is better though), but they make a bad combo. Point in case: Ven. Not so much as hated him, but I disliked him a little. He just..wasn't what I expected.