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  1. Penance

    New NA/EU Boss

    That boss had a stance like Ven, and fought like Sora's Final Form.
  2. Penance

    Help/Support ► Ugh, okay. I need advice/more just to vent.

    I still don't understand why parents behave this way... Don't they realize their lives will end sooner than ours? Jus sayin
  3. Penance

    Help/Support ► Ugh, okay. I need advice/more just to vent.

    Yes. Listen to this very very rational being.
  4. Penance

    Help/Support ► So confused

    I'm also confused as to how I missed this thread. But yeah I think you should go for it. To be at ease. God...just...just do it.
  5. Penance

    Help/Support ► Face wont stop bleeding! Help!

    Why in God's sweet holy name would you come on here and ask for help with this? Get you MOM or a DOCTOR. WHAT THE....
  6. Penance

    Help/Support ► I am so tired of this

    Yeah that's tough, I don't understand why parents just don't chill out. She probably has some internal issues she needs to deal with. But yeah, sucks for you cause she sounds like a person who won't change. Don't flip out on her though, let your dad do that. If it was him being the a-hole then...
  7. Penance

    the discription for RE:CODED

    Weren't people mad about this game being on cell phones and not on a handheld console? So now it is...
  8. Penance

    Help/Support ► Don't know what to do.

    He's gay for you. It's so obvious.
  9. Penance

    Help/Support ► Does he like me?

    He's not "nice". No such thing. I'm telling you right now.
  10. Penance

    Help/Support ► Don't know what to do.

    You need to stop that right now. Right...now. He's either gay for you or he likes her. Either way, forget about him. Yep.
  11. Penance

    Relationship Between Roxas and the Samurai Nobodies

    I'm sure it's just something they overlooked.
  12. Penance

    Bringing Back The Keyblade Wars?

    I'm sure there are some evil keyblade wielders out there somewhere.
  13. Penance

    How much did Aqua really know?

    Does it matter? Xehanort is the source of all problems everywhere in these games. So she probably assumed it was his doing later.
  14. Penance

    Vanitas Aftermath Theory

    Yeah and that would be really cool.
  15. Penance


    Well a theory isn't a fact until it happens word for word in BBS, but yeah you're right.
  16. Penance

    Help/Support ► Kind of Scared...

    Ignore him. It will work.
  17. Penance


    Oh okay. Well if that's the case, the station would be split and it would be those two fighting eachother. Xehanort on one side, Terra on the other. Maybe a shadow of Eraqus on Terra's side or something.
  18. Penance


    Would that include Terra? At the end of that movie Terra and Ven were together again somewhere. So if that's the case we would be dealing with the original Xehanort.
  19. Penance


    He doesn't have one because he's dead? atm
  20. Penance

    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Sounds like you are. EDIT: queasy is a strong word though.