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  1. Raz

    Hiiiii What r your thoughts on Zexion?

    Love Zexy, I always had a crush on him. I think it was the emo hair. Don't me started on Ienzo.
  2. Raz

    Square Enix teases Kingdom Hearts Missing Link

    I wonder what the construction site is all about. We don't know much about where this game is supposed to slot in on the timeline, right? Or has it just been so long that I've forgotten...
  3. Raz

    About Vanitas's emotions... (Fun Discussion)

    Addiction to gambling. Disney Town is in fact a Vegas-like racket.
  4. Raz

    I need some help on bbs

    Aw, I love Ventus -- he's so fast. But I've never been too much of a fan of heavier/slower characters like Terra. The best way to get Aqua better is simply to level up -- grind and kill Unversed, play the board game. Make sure you use D-Links so you can get the second level star for all of her...
  5. Raz

    Anime/Manga ► Digimon Adventure tri

    Someone -- TK, Izzy, I have to rewatch -- explains that Earth, the Dark Ocean, and the Digi-World are three universes among many, kind of layered on top of one another. They even draw a cute rainbow graph to illustrate the concept. It is also kinda implied that the Tamers universe and other...
  6. Raz

    kh4 leak from Snitch's discord, talking about 2nd trailer and potentially PS5 exclusivity

    I have no sense on how to judge the accuracy of these kinds of leaks but I need the KHIV promo and trailer cycle to begin. I miss picking apart the details and getting hyped over world announcements with y'all. :(
  7. Raz

    Anime/Manga ► Digimon Adventure tri

    I'm excited for the 02 movie, and I'm sure the story will be great. But if I were in charge of the story I'd use it to wrap up the dark ocean / multiple universes plot that got dropped in the original series. I'm probably the only one who still thinks about this plot line and finds it...
  8. Raz

    Did Xehanort get off too lightly?

    I think he should have exploded in an array of sparkling lights while screaming in agony, like any other decent villain in the series.
  9. Raz

    Remember this old Roxas artwork?

    Are those exposed hips? I kind of love it.
  10. Raz

    i played re:mind again.

    The final battle of "Re:Mind" gave a sense of scale that the original ending did not and I liked that.
  11. Raz

    Film ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake

    Lin Manuel Miranda was a mistake.
  12. Raz

    Sora and riku have way more romantic chemistry then sora and kairi

    Of course! They are homosexuals.
  13. Raz

    Sora on that 9 to 5 grind

    He does have kitchen experience working with Remy!
  14. Raz

    About the Unversed...(Fun discussion)

    Probably a plot hole. Or Vanitas is just stronger than Maleficent / the Heartless and the Cornerstone doesn't mean shit to him.
  15. Raz

    Will he say his name? (Fun discussion)

    I want to hear that dulcet lisp attempt to tackle the name "Xigbar" so badly...
  16. Raz

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    An active role for Maleficent where her interventions into the main plot have serious consequences--even if it is her inadvertently playing the fool again for the "real" villain's plans.
  17. Raz

    What do we call Norting now?

    FINE, cut the geezer, but I like "heart tanking."
  18. Raz

    What do we call Norting now?

    I propose "Becoming That Geezer's Heart Tank."
  19. Raz

    Kingdom Hearts & acknowledging LGBTQ+ content from Disney source material

    That's just diva worship, babes. The gayest behavior of all.
  20. Raz

    Why did it have to be only keyblade wielders to fill the slots for the Guardians of light? (Fun discussion)

    I just hope that when the Keyblade War comes they don't confine it to the dreary old Keyblade Graveyard. I'm sick of that place. Give me a Lord of the Rings-esque epic with multiple battlefronts -- with a villain and a hero leading each faction. Throw in the Death Star in a battle in a Galaxy...