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    Help/Support ► The Straight/Heterosexual/Not Gay Help and Support Thread (v1)

    I hate Children, I Could'nt care less for Glee. I hate those Boys wanting to be Girls (Chris Crocker.....) I am Gay. But i hate Gays... Well atleast the emo girl ones. Can i join? Lmao
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    Help/Support ► HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    A predictable response from a young kid. No offence i just found that funny :3 Anyway. I suggest setting up some dioramas of what i said earlier.
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Whats that piano music from, Sounds so familiar...
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    Help/Support ► HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Learn about the theorized 3rd, 4th, 5th Dimensions ect and give a short summary on what differes between the dimensions (Really easy!)
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    Rare Merch Charity Auction (Bioshock)

    Hey, My Friend is doing an auction for a local Charity that specializes in giving single mums help please take the time to look at the auction this came from his own personal collection, the item is very rare so please bid Bioshock Rapture Record Very Rare LIMITED on eBay (end time...
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    *SPOILERS* Just found an Old Post..

    Noone Gives a Shite If You Were Right, Wrong Or Raped By a Monkey
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    Re: Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unbirths So Far Should Have Made It Clearer then Idiot
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    Help/Support ► Stupid reproductive system!

    Ive Helped Out 2 Friends With This Problem, All i Say is Dont Worry Yourself Over Things In The End You Have a Healthy Born Child No Matter What Age Your At I Wish You The Best! :wink:
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Finally Someone Who isnt a Douchebag :36:
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Actually It was Very Much a Problem But Whatever Obviously You Didnt Read my Other Post
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Why Does My Typing Bother You? Cause I Dont Give a Shite
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Finally My Best Friend Who Ive Known all My Life, Last Night When He Stayed over i told Him How I Felt About Him and He Felt The Same too I Was so Happy as i Secretly Truly Loved him for Years, i was so Happy, We Kissed and Hugged Eachother Id Never Felt So Happy :D
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    Help/Support ► Mental health and other issues

    Re: Mental heatlh and other issues Oh God I Just Read That And I Thoought My God Hes Is Right Why DO They Call Me a Baby When i am 14...............
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Girls Take Me Shopping and We Go see Movies Go out To Eat They Even Call me "One of the Girls!" :lol:
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    Help/Support ► Nerves

    Asa Child I Had a Problem That Made all Of My Teeth Rot, I Was Put to Sleep and Had all Of My Teeth Taken Out ALL of Them and It was The Most Painful and Scariest Experience i Have Ever Had, Sorry i Cant Help But Seriously Expect Pain
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    Hello, Im Bisexual and Have Been for Atleast 3 Years at First i Rejected it, i Fell Into a Deep Depression About it Even Going as Far too Hurting Myself (I Wont delve into that too much) But Recently Im Starting to Accept it i Shouldnt Have to Be Ashamed of What i Am
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    If KH2 had trophies/achievements

    Dance Water Dance - Bronze (Secret Trophy)- You Have Succesfully Defeated Demyx The Melodious Nocturne Wake Up You Lazy Bum!-Bronze (Secret Trophy)-Sora has Awoken Anger and Hatred are Supreme-Silver (Secret Trophy)- You Have Defeated Xemnas The Superior Moon Shine Down! - Bronze (Secret Trophy)...
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    (Spoilers?) Playing as...

    Dont know if you guys know but ven appeared in a cutscene YouTube - Ven in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days LEGIT THIS HASNT BEEN HACKED
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    Days in Nintendo Power! New world inside?

    Re: Days in Nintendo Power! WOw Pinochio! Sweet ANyway Post Scans NOW!!! >_<
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    Im Leaving this forum because of Sam

    Ok Being on this site i got the vibe that it not very friendly ive been on a plethora of forums all have been friendly this one just doesnt do it for me and i just wanted to tell you all this ill be checking the homepage but not this forum