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  1. zaqareemalcolm

    I have another question. Is time really unchangable or did young Xehanort just meant he can't do it?

    You really can't interfere with events that are destined to happen (ie. for certainty) while time travelling. Young Xehanort said it as much; "You can move through time, but time itself is immovable"
  2. zaqareemalcolm

    Castle Oblivon's nature

    I also had this question myself, and if it really was Castle Oblivion's power, why do the Organization members stationed there suddenly have the cards containing the worlds in Sora's memory?
  3. zaqareemalcolm

    Buy a 3DS just for DDD?

    I bought 3DS for KH, but not for 3D specifically. My DSlite broke and I still wanted to play my copies of days and re:coded. Disregarding that, I also bought a 3DS solely for the 3D factor (as well as SMTIV) as well as the fact my dad wanted to buy me an incentive for doing well for End of Year...
  4. zaqareemalcolm

    Would the "Nobodies don't age" still apply...

    Re: Would the "Nobodies don't age" still apply...(spoiler) Well I'm saying they are different. Its very apparant that Zexion and Ienzo are different, Zexion is more malicious and scheming in Re:CoM, with a slightly condescending attitude towards the lazy as suggested by days, while Ienzo is...
  5. zaqareemalcolm

    Master Xehanort's motivation

    If you ask me, MX's motivation isn't that he feels the suppossed balance of Light and Darkness is false. His speech with Eraqus indictes that he want the Keyblade War to happen because he wants to know what the new world would become after it is consumed by Darkness again. While does desire a...
  6. zaqareemalcolm

    Would the "Nobodies don't age" still apply...

    Re: Would the "Nobodies don't age" still apply...(spoiler) Well Nomura's phrasing (time runs slowly) suggests she still does age, just at a slower rate again due to ROD Obviously, it would seem about a decade in ROL would equate to a few hours in ROD. And yeah I forgot about that part, that...
  7. zaqareemalcolm

    Would the "Nobodies don't age" still apply...

    ...once they have a fully developed heart? Also, could lesser Nobodies also grow replacement hearts as well? For the former, if it still does, it'll seriously undermine Ansem's speech to Riku near the end. "Nobodies are not different from regular people. OH, except for the fact they'll probably...
  8. zaqareemalcolm

    A Lea question

    We certainly do know that the black coat is magical. -Conforms to the user's build (ie. Riku turning into his Ansem appearance and back) -Changes the clothes they're wearing inside the coat (ie. Mickey wearing the coat had black gloves and shoes. When he removed the coat during his badass moment...
  9. zaqareemalcolm

    Lemme see if I got this right (Final World story question)

    After Sora arrived in TWTNW, Young Xehanort put him into a sleep and entered Sora's dream, then placed Sora into a "second sleep" (Around the time he starts flashing back about Traverse Town). Afterwards, his actual body was placed in the Castle at the meeting room (Where Nothing Gathers)...
  10. zaqareemalcolm

    "Just Before the Dakness" The source of most of my confusion

    The future is already known to have existed and be able to travel to because YX meeting the Robed Figure and being told of what would happen proves that. During RF's Time Travel, the future is still being built while he goes on to have a chat with his younger self. (However, it would seem to be...
  11. zaqareemalcolm

    "Just Before the Dakness" The source of most of my confusion

    RF already knows what will happen. That he would do all that jazz in KH1 while his Nobody would assemble Organization XIII beta ver., before being killed at becoming Geezernort again. RF already "solidifies" his future by deciding to do and ensure that those events WILL happen and tells this to...
  12. zaqareemalcolm

    Making Sense of the Unexplained

    By 3D's time, there isn't a future yet. MX literally cannot go to the future because the future hasn't happened yet. Once it has happened, him not going into the future from that point in time is already predetermined. Plus, i guess there is a misinterpretation of time travel. You gain the...
  13. zaqareemalcolm

    "Just Before the Dakness" The source of most of my confusion

    Both Geezernort and Prettynort say this, Prettynort after Sora becomes exhausted fighting Xemnas is is being swallowed by the abyss: Young Xehanort: I have now told you all that I know. We are all here, and what the future holds in store is beyond my sight. I will return to my own time, and grow...
  14. zaqareemalcolm

    "Just Before the Dakness" The source of most of my confusion

    He doesn't. He's just there as an anchor point for YX to travel. Also, RF visting YX is a stable time loop:his time travelling would etch what he has to do once he finishes time travelling, which includes possessing Terra then giving up his body to become RF. 3D clearly shows that he knew and...
  15. zaqareemalcolm

    Yet another question about time

    I remember seeing a timeline of Xehanort's time travel thread that speculates that MX had already reformed before the ending of KH3D, time traveled to Hollow Bastion and told RF what happens so that RF can pass the info to YX, and that the black thing in throne was him coming back from said...
  16. zaqareemalcolm

    Yet another question about time

    The 7 lights and 13 darknesses do not necessarily mean intersecting or clashing hearts. They mean exactly what they say.
  17. zaqareemalcolm

    Making Sense of the Unexplained

    Maybe they unlocked the same keyhole, only the second time as a means of continuing onward from Traverse Town. After all, they only went there a second time because Joshua dreamed them up again.
  18. zaqareemalcolm

    Dream Eaters vs. Command Melding

    Its only stat changing abilities (blue) that don't get kept if you switch your Dream Eaters. Frankly, I prefered that aspect because it involved some decision making over which Dream Eaters you should switch or keep, as well as balance the game more. In BBS, there wasn't any sort of "limiter" to...
  19. zaqareemalcolm

    Where did it ever say? (maybe spoilers)

    ...that yellow eyes are an effect of darkness staining the heart? I remember reading something like that, just don't recall from where
  20. zaqareemalcolm

    Trouble with the 2nd Traverse Town with Riku Dream Drop Distance

    Get pieces from enemies, do Link Portals, collect treasure chests. You also might want to experiment with making from scratch.