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    who knows this question!

    alright, the question has been answered, can somebody close this now
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    KH: CoM Game won't save...(GBA)

    this problem happened to me with another game, but my file gets completely deleted. the cause of it is that it has been accidentally put in the washing machine. IT SUCKSD:<D':
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    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    ALL of the organization battles in RE:COM, especially first time Larxene:E
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    Enemy Card Retrieval

    umm, you could use a lot of white rooms and then pray that you rock'em so hard that you get one-_-
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    I just got CoM and...

    you can only get it in the first week with the FIRSTshipment
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    I just got CoM and...

    that was soooooooooooo uncalled for.-_- yippie, i got them also:E hehehe
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    Org member before twilight thorn

    it was riku using his ill dark stalking powers. no doubt, hands down lol:$
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    Thoughts on Re:CoM

    how do they differ??-_-
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    Gameshark Codes Not Working

    it's a disk for the ps2 (of course you know that). on the other hand, it could be the wrong code. if anything, buy a codebreaker and get the codes from RAGNAROK'S thread on codes. i have both, the codebreaker is awsome. while the gameshark (excuse my language) SUCKS ASSD:< take it from...
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    oh my God! ah dios mio! oh mon dieu! å min gud! Ach mein Gott! oh il mio dio! oh mijn god! oh meu deus! о мой бог! I'M JEALOUS, my gamestop didn't get the shipment yet. is it really that bad:cry: *goes into corner to wait for a response*
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    key to rewards card

    does anyone know the percentage of how often you get a key to rewards card. it sounds kind of stupid, but i'm replaying chain of memories and i want to get stop raid help please:bored:
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    Whatever happened to Riku's Replica?

    it was one of the events in twilight town. sheesh, what does it take to get someone to think around here before making a thread:glare:
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    SRK - TAV relations

    sorry, but can you make it more clearer what you are trying to say. i'm a bit confused:unsure:
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    Quinton Flynn recites Chain of Memories lines

    but isn't he gonna be saying their names in Re:CoM. it would be kind of bad if he is a voice actor that can't pronounce a name correctly. of course it could have been before they were recorded for the game-_-
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    i need help

    we can't help with no info. with what you said, you break his cards, hit a few times and run around. rinse, lather, repeat and your done
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    end of the world is destiny islands theory

    i've been replaying kh1 and when i went to fight ansem, i went to destiny islands. my theory is that it is destiny islands because why else would he be there, he doesnt care about riku and sora. also, isn't the end of the world and destiny islands both worlds that were taken by the...
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    Has anyone here done a link battle on the GBA version?

    i've always wanted to try a link battle but nobody that i knew had it also:cry:
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    Kingdom Hearts Re: Chains of Memories discussion

    Re: Official Re:CoM in North America Thread i saw a commercial for kh2 a month before it came out:bored: and many more during that month
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    he's dope:thumbup: and his abilities are badass. it's been killing me that he don't get a lesser nobody because he is so cool
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    Xigbar's Unique Insight

    maybe something important happened in radiant garden and he witnessed it while studying under ATW:confused: