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    Never wanted to dance with nobody...

    But You. You'll get a cookie if you know where those lines come from. =] So, here's my 3 crap-tacular sigs. I know. They suck. Alot. And my text kills everything. CnC pleez.
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    ~Michiko to Hatchin~

    Has ANYBODY seen this show? It just came out recently ( only 2 episodes out ) and I must say.... Probably one of the best shows out for the fall season. This show has ALOT of potential and I hope it stays great. That and it's made by the same people who did Samurai Champloo and Ergo Proxy ;D...
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    ++Chrono Crusade++

    Has any one ever watch it or read the manga? I've only read the manga but I also watched the anime's ending. They're quite....different >__> But I have to say it's one of my most fav series. I enjoyed the art,plot and characters alot. It was fun to read ^^ So any fans out there? O.o
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    Noein and Tokko

    So yes,Sci-Fi is now airing anime [i believe they started last Monday with that Ghost in the Shell movie] but last night they finally started to air two series [does Macross Plus count?]...so,what do you think about them? Do you even like the idea of Sci-Fi airing anime? And if you're wondering...
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    The Hush Sound anyone?

    I totally luv them. I'm pretty new to them too so....has anybody heard/like them? They're not mainstream not that I know of so I woudn't be suprised if nobody hardly knows this band at all*sigh* Here's some of their music: =] "Don't Wake Me Up" [ignore the fact this is an amv ^^; ]...
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    Avril Lavigne....HAS A WHAT?!?!

    Ok,first: Linkin Park Courtney Love Paris Hilton Kanye West NASA ((yes! the space team made one too!!)) NOW...Avril has a MANGA??? Not kidding: http://www.avrillavigne.com/index.jsp?news_id=3676 To me,it doesn't sound any good. Avril,your a rocker....NOT a hero =[
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    Has anyone seen this movie yet starring Brad Pitt ((well,he's in the movie but not that big of a role)) My mom dragged me into watching this movie cuz its all about her being a HUGE Brad Pitt fan..but anywayz.I thought the movie was.... FAIR. The beginning was so dragged out & basically half...
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    Um,I hope you ppl don't mind thank you posts^^ So thank you & I appreciate the help ALOT. I think I made my decision now & I'm not backing off this time And yes,me & him do have a Myspace & we IM eachother & call eachother so we'll still be in good contact after this whole mess is over. Thanks ^_^
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    Help/Support ► Shad's 'Help me plz' Thread

    Wow,new forum section....kool 0.o Anywayz,I'm so glad this is here....ok,let me start...um,it deals with relationships. Ok,long story short.Me like guy(i'm very shy)....& I kept it a secret like the WHOLE skool year,but then I told my friend & then she ends up blurting it out & the guy I...
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    The Killers

    I totally luv this band but since their NEW album has come out(am i rite) Is their CD worth buying then?Anyone listened to it yet?Tell me what you think... Also you can discuss anything of The Killers <3
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    ~Battle Royale~

    Currently I'm readin Battle Royale which so far,I think is a pretty interesting book. Has any one else read this book(or actually finished it?) Opinions???
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    Ok,this is a REALLY stupid question,but how do you resize a pic in Paint???(not actual painting,but the paint program that comes along in all comps) I keep reading on how to but it doesn't work. I have a full page pic but I wanna shrink it but when I do,it cuts off the pic & crap....any...
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    ~Bunny's B-day iz 2-day?!?!?!zOMG!!!

    Yepperz,its my B-day ppl....& I'm now 15(dammit,I wanted to keep my age a secret!!!!....couldn't help it ^^; )<3 Goodness,I feel old already.....j/k XD I dunno,I'm just bored & since I don't post here much anymore,here's the time to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!! Bunny's gonna part-tay!!!!!!
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    Kingdom Hearts II?

    Yeah,I'm sorta not interested in it rite now...& I even thought of leaving the forums too cuz of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But l8ter on,I'll just be obsess with it like I did before so,I'll stick to KH no matter what ^^
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    Which KH2 character would u date or go out with?

    For me,I have to say Riku. He turned from WHAT to..............Whoa. Plus he's F'n hot D= I would soooooo date him. The rest would be Sora,Roxas,Cloud & Squall :3
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    The armor in the secret ending and in KH2 (spoilers)

    Lol,I'm suprised u didn't think the armor ppl were Sora,Riku & Kairi. I heard sooo many theories about that but that wuz like a LONG time ago. Pretty good.... Except U can't really say the blurry image of the person walking is Zexion. No one knows if he is alive or not but maybe he COULD be in...
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    ~I Don't Get It??????~

    Ok,I just finished watching Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children..... So,what wuz with the wolf in the movie???? I kept on seeing glimpses of the wolf & if u slow down the part near the beginning when Kadaj bends down & stares at Rufus straight in the eye & he sees Kadaj as Sephiroth & all those...
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    .:~Reno Fanclub~:.

    Gosh,after seeing a couple of scenes of FFVII:Advent Children with Reno,I suddenly grown to love him even MORE.He's just so freakin cute & funny. Any fans who adore him,POST HERE!!!!!! Reno Rules: -No hating or RENO haters -PLEASE NO SPAMMING,it messes up the fun of the club -anyone is welcomed...
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    Do you think BHK will remain nameless?

    This thread is too remain DEAD =P
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    okay here then you will know what i mean

    I have seen no proof here. NO ONE knows if its clearly Sora or not so its just a theory. As well with Zexion As for Axel,he's DEAD. Check out the Org's gravestones. It's freakin RED.