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    The True Meaning of 'Other'

    Ok I know lots of people always asked about what Roxas meant when he said 'Tell me why he picked you'. Then a lot of people said it was probably DIZ or Xemnas. But I think the real question is what he meant when he said,"you make a good other". Several times it was stated that they were one in...
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    Wrong Question

    I've been hearing a lot people talking about why" Does Ven look like Sora and Roxas!!". I doubt this makes sense but shouldn't the question be the other way around. Obvisouly Ven came before Sora. So why is that Sora comes along and looks so much like him. Then his nobody looking exactly like...
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    The Worst Ever

    Hey was the worst in the KH series for you? Like the worst scene,world,or whatever dissapointed you the most. Personally I was dissapointed in some of the disney worlds.
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    I was woderin

    Im not sure if it was Terra either. I think it may just be a side battle
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    What Would You Call it?

    I just got an idea that I think is pretty cool. If you had a keyblade,what who you call it and what would it look like?
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    The Best of All

    Who would be the best character you would wanna fight in KH?
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    The Most Surprising Event Ever

    What do you think was the most shocking event(s) in the KH series? Like what surprised you the most?
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    The Most Surprising Event Ever

    Dont respond to this one I accidentialy post this thread twice.
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    Why did Ansem have it?

    Im pretty sure there's like no importance to this but how come Ansem was able to use the keyblade Soul Eater? Also there's that keyblade he made. Could people make Keyblades from a strong heart? Just a side question. Again I bet there's a easy anserw to this but I dont know. So please anserw
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    What Binds them together?

    Ok here's my theory. You all know that the clothes Master Xeahnort, the masked figure in BBs,and transformed Riku all look alike? I think there's a name for people like them. People who have stepped into the realm of darkness amd used its powers. But not just any people, Keyblade weilders. Those...
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    Did you ever wonder?

    Did you ever wonder why the orginization needed 13 members? I remember watching a scene in Final Mix where Xigbar and i think it was Vexen were talking about how they didnt have 13 members yet. Why was that so important? I think the number 13 will probably show some importance in birth by sleep...
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    Sora's Hidden Message

    I had just got this idea, remember in the opening of KH2 when Sora said,"A scattered dream that's like a far off mememory, A far off memory that's like a scattered dream, I wanna line the pieces up, yours and mine." WHo was he talking about and please noone say Kairi cuz i really doubt that...
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    Did Sora deserve Kingdom Key?

    I've been doing some thinking lately and im wondering why Sora got Kingdom Key. Im positive that it was originally suppose to belong to Riku, but when he chose darknessto leave the ilands, it picked Sora. That means he was just a runner up. Plus Mickey said darkness isnt a bad thing, just...
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    Import help?

    IF your trying to buy something online i guess there's Ebay. I mean i dont go there but just seeing if it helps you
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    Ven erased from the world?

    Hey on the forums i was reading that in one of the BBS traliers at the end of something Ven asked a from to erase him. What does that mean, to lose his memeories, take his heart or what? And why did he want that anyway?
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    Wierd thing about KH2......

    Well of course he wasnt gonna know him at first he didnt about nobodys and forggot about turning into a heartless. I mean, why would he know him? Riku was the one who had to to tell him who Roxas was. Roxas knew Sora cuz nobodys remember their memories from before they lost their hearts and some...
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    Help/Support ► Can I learn how to play Classical Guitar with Acoustic lesson kit for beginner

    Most likely you can its really suppose to get you familar with the frets so you you'll learn faster. Or you can do what a friend of mine did. He said te lazy way is to buy guitar hero 3 and play it on the hardest level for 2 weeks to a month. Once you master that, he said learning guitar should...
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    The most annoying things about KH2!

    I think the only thing i might of found annoying is when you fight Xemnas and at the end you gotta deflect all those attacks, i guess thats annoying
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    The most annoying things about KH2!

    For Xaldin he's really only annoying if ur not strong enough and he beats you up. For Saix, every character you fight in boss battles screams> I think ur just overreacting
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    ar cheat thing

    it depends on which game cuz it offers different codes for different games so yea i say it depends