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  1. fraidy

    Official KH3D Boss Help Thread

    Re: General "Help, I need help!" thread Try using Dark Splicer whenever he throws you back, it should teleport you to him and help you avoid the lasers.
  2. fraidy

    Completion Times

    Clear time 30:23 with Sora and Riku at level 40.
  3. fraidy

    kh2 sora avatar and keyblades

    i found the keyblade of peoples hearts
  4. fraidy

    NA Re: Coded Website Updated

    i don't know if any one noticed this but in the trailer at around 17 18 seconds you can see other words besides thank namine and the secret message
  5. fraidy


    the dusks were after Roxas but as DiZ said it is all data to them
  6. fraidy

    anyone else spoiled themselves?

    i spoiled myself and not getting the game cause i don't have a psp but if i had one i would get the game
  7. fraidy

    this saved my kingdom hearts experience.

    riku took me lots of tries probably cause i was under leveled and didn't really use magic
  8. fraidy

    am i the only one

    the cgi looks better but probably used for something
  9. fraidy

    KINGDOM HEARTS Birth By Sleep Special Edition (shows more components)

    yes they did with KH2 final mix and we should get all the bonuses too
  10. fraidy

    Certain Boss Fights.

    I beat with hardly any damage fill your deck with leathal flame sleight cards and some hi potions
  11. fraidy

    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    the part were maleficent joined up with the good guys
  12. fraidy


    I find it harder because you can't customize the deck and i can't use my lethal flame deck for bosses
  13. fraidy

    Who will you play as 1st in BBS??

    i was thinking maybe ven because i want to know what connections he has with sora and roxas
  14. fraidy

    Mystery Of Xion's Existence

    i dont think so because of the riku replica it was inperfect so they gave her time to grow and check her growth which at the end sora had already one