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    I would like to announce my return.

    Yes, many of you guys dont know me. But I am one of those Old OLD school people who visited KHI. I am happy to announce my return. For those people who dont know where the **** i went, I took a break from all the kh crap. -Rikora P.S. I was the one who married Hokage, another old school...
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    Peace Homies

    Yo guys imma say it straight up.... Close this thread. do whatever, but i have just got to say, KH2 was a failure..... I tried and tried to like it, but it just couldnt happen, i beat the game faster than i can eat 4 dinners, like really, my play time was 17 hours. Imma take a break from...
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    Hardest Boss in the World that Never Was.

    I hated xigbar...... It was a pain fighting him, until i got donalds limit (Duck Flare) it helps ALOT.
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    TiTan&Hades Paradox

    Is that how you REALLY get them? Ugh that is going to be hard.
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    Whoa!!! SOrry someone close this thread my computer lagged for like an hour so i clicked x and now it shows up.
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    I heard some cup called paradox or some crap like that. How do you unlock it i just beat the godess of fate cup and i dont see it there. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Zexion's true name.

    The question is what is Roxas' name? Its Fredrico Corneilius Joseph El Pablo. I SWEAR IM NOT LYING I SAW IT AT WIKIPEDIA~!!!!!1111oNEeeleventyeleven
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    this is really frustrating me

    The first time i found it was in agrabah market place where all the boxes are, it said " INFORMATION: A RARE HEARTLESS HAS SPAWNED" or some crap like that.
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    Riku's eyes...

    in some cases, green is indeed "sexy", and in this case, no. As for his eye color, i think it looks creepy imho, it just is too shiny .
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    Help-Drive form leveling

    In more detail : Go into any drive form, go to a save point, click world map, and exit the world, go back in the world where you were last and your drive bar will be max.
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    Keyblades and Location.

    Main keyblade : Oblivion Secondary: Oathkeeper, Hero crest Location: World that never was Lvl: 48
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    Yeah negative combo is good in some ways, you can do your finishing combos faster.
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    Help-Drive form leveling

    Those are all wrong, VALOR: How many hits you land equals how much exp. you get. WISDOM:Every heartless you kill = 1 exp. MASTER:Each drive orb you pick up = 1 exp, bigger orbs = 3 exp. FINAL:Each nobody you kill = 1 exp.
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    *real* ultima keyblade pics

    Must be heavy as HELL, and would be better if it was
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    Favorite Organazation Member?

    Saix, nuff' said.
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    (Spoiler i guess) driving w/out partners

    I said that..... and uhhh, okay
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    (Spoiler i guess) driving w/out partners

    Prolly only works in coliseums..
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    How good was the story...

    So you are saying, you use your "vulgarity" in means to explain things? All you said is that we Americans are "picky". I don't want to start anything, it's that we dont need disrespectful posts, and that goes for me too, i know i should'nt be an ass, 'cuz this the "internet". You don't need to...