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    iHATEdONALD Club

    I hate you hate we all hate DONALD. **** **** *******************ING CAT ***** **** **** **** **** YOU, DONALD. Actually, no, your name is dONALD. Because you don't deserve a capital you buzzkilling nincampoop! YOU LOW PIECE OF CRAP!! For more information, discuss. And go to the Murder of the...
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    Sephiroth - Tips?

    I have one huge tip for you. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!
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    Who's your favorite party member in KH 1/2

    My favorite party member is definitely Peter Pan from KHI
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    What level were you when you beat Xemnas?

    I beat him when I was Lvl 39 he's not hard at all
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    Ultima Weapon or Fenrir

    The Biggest tip I can give to you, is PRACTICE. He's really hard at first, but every time you fight him he gets easier and easier.
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    Ultima Weapon or Fenrir

    If you need any tips to beat Sephy ask me
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    Ultima Weapon or Fenrir

    I dont have many KH games either only 1 & 2 I was just kidding when i said you werent a KH fan
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    Ultima Weapon or Fenrir

    Hold on! Lets backtrack a little, You dont have fenrir! And you call yourself a Kingdom Hearts Fan.
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    Ultima Weapon or Fenrir

    Which do like better in KHII, Fenrir or Ultima The Ultima has great Strength and magic, and Fenrir OUTSTANTING stength and weak magic. So I'll have to say i like fenrir more because you don use magic much in KHII
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    the hardest boss in KH1/2

    Who do you think the hardest boss is in Kingdom Hearts I or II I think that many people would agree that sepheroth in KHII is the toughest boss out of everyone.