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    Ven's Scenario

    Re: Ven's Scenario. Another one will probably come up soon, or the other guy will start streaming again. I think we'll find out if someone else starts.
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    Ven's Scenario

    Re: Ven's Scenario. That probably has to do with everyone in that chat being pretty terrible. It's his own stream so he can do what he wants with it.
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    Top 10 Best DS Games of 2009

    That's what I was thinking, usually anime games aren't that well-made either because they're there to cater to the fanbase. not like they're horrible, but more just "eh". But hey, maybe I'm wrong and it's actually a decent game. I'm really not gonna judge since I haven't played it and don't...
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    Help/Support ► It's not in my head.

    I know this might not help much now, but what everyone's saying is very true re: not hurting yourself and finding things to immerse yourself in. I'm going to start this one by saying I've been through the same thing. And that this is going to pass someday. Some of those feelings aren't going...
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    Quinton Flynn to voice Lea

    Ooh, this sounds like very good news :3 I'm pretty confident that he'll do a great job with it.
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    Favorite mission mode character?

    Luxord, because attacking the hell out of someone with just cards is awesome every time.
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    Tetsuya Nomura interview with one up

    So true, he loves teasing the fanbase so much :( As for the unannounced titles, I'm just going to wait and see what comes of it. Mostly because anything I'd guess would probably be way off.
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    358/2 days, saddest KH?

    I found the ending surprisingly sad, it's one of the few 'mainstream' games that managed to make me cry, so that has to count for something.
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    Hello internet!

    So, hello there. Obviously a new person here. You can call me Akemi, the N stands for "Nishijou" which makes up my full pen name. Most of why I signed up here was for motivation to work on a fanfic, but hey, socialization is fun too!