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    A try at drawing some thing...

    well, here's my...well, not good attempt at drawing. One of my main characters standing against a random character I drew for no reason, whatsoever. I was trying practice with drawing the blades in a different view. Apparently, it needs much work. C&C would help a lot.
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    Help/Support ► Burn

    I burnt my hand once on the stove and a second when an I placed my hand on a clothes iron to see if it really was hot. After that, I put tooth paste! Though, I advise you, it's only good for small burns. Ice is good too.
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    Fanfiction ► One Piece again:Rush to the new world

    Say....when you mean Rouge Town, do you mean Louge Town, the Town of Beginnings and Ends? If so, that means they're near Reverse Mountain...Great Chapter by the way.
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    Fanfiction ► One Piece again:Rush to the new world

    This Fan Fic is going great. Finally a OP fic. Soooooo...Nani hasn't gotten the power of Sogeking yet??? And...if that raw material shopkeeper had Wado Ichimonji...Wheres Shuusui and Sandai Kitetsu? Oh and nice replacement for Sanji's French attacks with Italian. Other things...I was going...
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    Most Over hyped Anime's of Today

    Which anime do you think is over hyped today? Before, it was the first dubbed animes to ever come out in America. But today, there are anime's that are over hyped or may be too over hyped. Best put a reason why the anime series is like that. Which series I think that is over hyped? NARUTO...
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    How come?

    They mean co-op wise not versus in a way. That means 358/2 can support more than just two characters for missions and parts.
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    Fanfiction ► ~Melodies of Life: Path of Sairu~

    Oh! So it's like you give the chapters in sections....Ah, didn't know that! Anyways, good part of the chapter!
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    Fanfiction ► ~Melodies of Life: Path of Sairu~

    Finally an update! Good chapter, but make it longer!
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    Fanfiction ► ~Melodies of Life: Path of Sairu~

    Haha! So you're actually making a fan fic! So when is the 2nd chapter coming out? Oh yeah, note: Kiro supposedly left Keyblade academy around age 17 because he lost his keyblades. Though, what I said would be non-canon here.
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    Fanfiction ► Everyone's Nearly as Insane

    Use figurative words that triggers the sense of suspense into the persons mind. Examply; Movie Directors would use the music and the acting. For comic artists, they use silhouettes of the character in an enigmatic fashion or even character expressions. For writers, their weapons are words...
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    One Piece Characters vs Naruto Characters

    Though this has been done before...One Piece Characters vs. Naruto Characters. Every single character, even the dead are in the battle. That means Minato Namikaze(Yondaime) and the other hokage. Also Gol D. Roger and other dead characters like Ryuuma The King. Who would win this Character fight!
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    MASTER XEHANORT maybe too powerful?

    His power level is over 9000! No reallly! Well, I don't think MX is overpowered. Most hero's are overpowered for no reason sometimes. That's what I don't like. Villains that are overpowered are actually great.
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    Is Gum another term for rubber?

    As the title asks, is gum another term for rubber? I know this thread has a high possibility of being spam but this is something I need to confirm. I'm having the moment of uncertainty. If you do think it's spam, then just PM me and tell me that it it is and if Gum is another term for Rubber...
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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

    The story is about a "no-good" kid that gets involved in the mafia and other things that has to do with it. I thought this manga/anime needed a thread. Article
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    Assault of the Dreaughnaught

    I made a gummi thats even more powerful than the falcon peak! Though, it keeps dying on me because it has less HP than falcon peak.
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath (Re Dub)

    Yes! The third chapter is out! This weekend is truly the best weekend ever! Great chapter k&s as always!
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath (Re Dub)

    Why would we beat you? You shouldn't be beaten at all K&S! It's no problem that you cannot come out with the chapter, as long as you get the things you need to do done. Though, I hope it goes well with all your homework and things.
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath (Re Dub)

    So the chapter might be out today if you have time? Don't worry if you get the chapter out in time. Take your time! ^-^
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    Fanfiction ► Key Blade Wars: The Aftermath (Re Dub)

    I placed the fic's banner in my sig and gave credit to Gamergirl! C'mon chapter 3! Post it!
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    Help/Support ► Being Bullied

    ^I read it. It's just that there are not much options that some people can think of. What options would you take?