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  1. Oathkeeper

    Help finding this one KH3 OST track

  2. Oathkeeper

    Help finding this one KH3 OST track

    You're in monstropolis when you first hear it. While you're in the factory, there's a sort of hi-tempo beat that sorta has an einhander-flair to it, but I cant find it anywhere. I think when you get to where you think Boo's door is, thats when it plays.
  3. Oathkeeper

    Way to Dawn (Early game spoliers....maybe)

    Yeah, that's confusing too. Now they just dart in and out of there like its a library. What are they using that Aqua wouldn't have?
  4. Oathkeeper

    Way to Dawn (Early game spoliers....maybe)

    I say maybe bc we all know from trailers and renders that Riku has a new car key. But yes, Way to Dawn breaks What I want to know is.....how? From what I understand, this is the only mention (apart from the half-formed x-blade) of a keyblade actually breaking. How does Aqua, who stayed in...
  5. Oathkeeper

    Assault Of The Dreadnought

    A modified Falcon peak w/ auto life and that one weapon that absorbs shots to shoot back was what I used to kill it. I didnt fire a single shot till I found the sucker then let him have it. Just dodge that +/x laser shot...
  6. Oathkeeper

    Paralysis Skill and Medals that deal damage based on Paralysis

    Is it efficient to give the Paralyze skill to a medal that deals more dmg with that status effect? I dont know if the debuff is placed before or after the medal attacks, (I have seen str debuffs/buffs applied before the medal attacks) but I have a few medals that I could use in place of Hades...
  7. Oathkeeper

    Favorite Battle Quote

    KH2 Riku during Session: "Is that all ya got?!" Honorable Mention - Setzer with that long- intro quote for struggle battle: "My life is a-....." I never quite let him finish...eheh...
  8. Oathkeeper

    Daily Cid Challenge

    Soooooo, if you bought the week thingy this Monday and it doesn't show up.....what happens?
  9. Oathkeeper

    Is it Possible to get the T3 Medals in the smaller deals?

    "Possible" not "Probable" I am totally aware of the near nonexistent odds of getting something you want out of a random draw, and I am not here to go for a rant about how unfair they are, I'm just curious if it is ever at all possible to even get some of these medals, because I know you have a...
  10. Oathkeeper

    How does one end up with 2 Atk Boost II medals?

    Its not to call out a hacker, I'm just at a lost at how I ended up with 2 scrooge medals that gave the Attack Boost II skill. One was a 5* which I gave to my adult Herc. The second is a 6* that I did get from the Colosseum out of the board. That still sits in my inventory... But how did I...
  11. Oathkeeper

    Raid Bosses?

    I know when you can help your party with a raid boss, but how do you get a distress call from someone NOT in your party? I have fought like 2 of them from another random person and I don't know where the heck they come from...
  12. Oathkeeper

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Re: Worlds of Kingdom Hearts - What worlds do you want to see in KH3? I love how many votes Pocahontas is getting, I SO want to see her place, and summon Meeko or Flit! get a beautiful keychain carrying all 64 assorted colors of the wind, c'mon!!!!!!!!!!! [PURE RUMOR, DONT EAT ME!] someone...
  13. Oathkeeper

    The Official Voice Actor Discussion Thread

    Re: The Official VA Discussion Thread - What VAs do you want to see return for KH3? VA's of donald/goofy should live forever so they never stop voicing them :> As for my preferences: Aerith: Mandy Moore (KH2 Aerith had a bad cold!! D: ) Yuffie: Christy. (None of you have seen any Tinkerbell...
  14. Oathkeeper

    Reverse/Rebirth: Alice in Wonderland Heartless

    I'm having trouble with that right now - It's really frustrating...Not to mention, I love Riku...I HATE to see him die... Well, one says to not break his cards, the other says break his cards often....I'll just have to see which ones work...
  15. Oathkeeper

    Alternate Scenes

    It is said (and proven) that if you beat the first game out of order, alternate scenes will play. One example is that if you beat Deep Jungle before Wonderland, the princess that apperears when Meleficent says "...they are falling into our hands one by one...Speaking of which..." will be Snow...
  16. Oathkeeper

    What FF charater would you like in BBS

    definetly zack. he's cool. I want to see him and Terra interact. Rinoa would be my other choice.. she's soo cool!
  17. Oathkeeper

    Bleach vs. Naruto! Hurt and Heal!

    Soul Reapers or Ninjas? Zanpaku-to or Jutsu? It's all up to you!! (you can all tell how much time I have on my hands...) I hope you all know the basic rules to hurt and heal. Hurt one by one point, heal another by one point. Make sure you re-write all the stats when you post. Baiscs...
  18. Oathkeeper

    All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N.)

    Re: All Action Replay Max codes for KH2 brought to you by Square.Legend.Network(S.L.N *looks at first post...* Geez, Y'know? I think you missed a couple codes there... How does the game reconize these codes into giving you those characters? and then the commands to fight with them? Were they...
  19. Oathkeeper

    New Moon

    *let's out a deep growl at a certain someone....* Ok, now that that's out of my system, let's begin: Something so simple... A thirst for blood... One night is all it takes. While the sun shines bright, one could take a stroll through the woods. Birds would sing while the light filtered...
  20. Oathkeeper

    Kingdom Hearts CoM Manga Book II Scans!

    http://www.4shared.com/file/3082595/271a2bdd/kh2-02.html It's a link to the second book in Japanese. Just so you know though: I DID NOT CREATE THIS LINK. I DON'T HAVE THE MANGA MYSELF. I FOUND THIS LINK FROM DEVIANTART FROM 'Polynesia's' Journal. From there I found the link. If you don't...