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    How come King Mickey didn't recognize Apprentice Xehanort as Terra?

    i think an even more interesting fact is that mickey for some reason didn't get any deja vu upon hearing that AtW's apprentice was named "Xehanort". unless mickey never learned that MX's name was indeed Xehanort but i'm almost certain he did and therefore should have thought it odd that this...
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    Final Mix to include "Secret Episode"

    Its either a Mirage Arena battle (which i doubt seeing as there is an actual cutscene preceding it and an armored Eraqus seems too important to be an arena battle) or it could relate to the secret episode (which is morel likely in my opinion). I actually think it might have to do with the secret...
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    Gameplay with Voices [[ENG]]

    Willa Holland is from the U.S. for sure, she has no accent. I also noticed that she was holding back a bit on the spells, like fire and thunder, or else just couldn't find a good way to do them, but i think her normal attacking sounds and grunts are quite good. Ven sounds perfectly fine, Jesse...
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    The 5th Xehanort: A new persona?

    i think the xehanort will come back as a full person and the battle over control will continue between MX and terra since i think the lost memories thing wont be an issue now, i just have a feeling. i also believe that, perhaps instead of this, or perhaps after freeing terra from xehanort, that...
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    anyone worried that the NA voice acting might suck?

    i really dont see all the complaints here. especially with re:com, the voices in that were excellent besides maybe marluxia since his was quite monotone. and soras just didnt fit cuz they wanted to keep the same person who's voice had already changed, not his fault. idk much about days, but from...
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    Secret Boss Damaged! (spoilers)

    although that was quite a lame ending to an epic fight, might i add that perhaps that synthesis material is much more important than just "...a synthesis material -.-", and perhaps it is the main material used in creating some epic ultima weapon or something like that? idk just a suggestion, i...
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    aqua title

    YouTube - Birth by Sleep - Last Episode part 3 [SPOILER] here is the scene. last episode. just fastforward a bit. it goes into the real final boss of the game.
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    Why does Vanitas...

    i have no idea really but i figure it must have something to do with the x-blade? i mean, the only person that could weild the x-blade was the ven/vanitas mix, and MX obviously wanted the x-blade for some reason (this is probably explained better in game since we have no translations and no...
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    place to watch videos?

    can u search in justintv though?
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    place to watch videos?

    i cant find a good place to watch bbs videos? including battles. youtube barely has anything, or at least anything i can find by searching. kh13 only has like 8 cutscenes. is there anywhere else?
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    aqua ending theory

    i have theory based on the missing part of the ending with aqua where CO and eraqus's keyblade show up. im thinking this isnt where the final boss is (could be though) but perhaps LoD really does become CO; i never thought it would but it could be possible since perhaps aqua recieves eraqus...
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    Does Xehanort eventually kill Aqua?

    is there an english version of that video?
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    So....answered questions

    i would still like to know why aqua suddenly has eraqus's keyblade (i get that she lost her own (somehow) but how did she get eraqus's? cuz she is now a true master or something?) how come when braig and AtW find terranort he still looks like terra but with bright silver hair and orange eyes...
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    castle oblivion

    does anyone think this is the secret boss? it seems some people already have beat all 3 scenarios by now though, i wonder why the secret boss and/or CO haven't shown up yet?
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    anyone have names for TAV's default keyblades by any chance?
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    major bbs questions

    why wasnt ven supposed to exist though? i thought vanitas was the one that wasnt supposed to exist, i.e. made from vens darkness. and what i meant by the neoshadow question is why are there heartless appearing at the time of BbS? theres also a scene from the end where aqua encounters like 4...
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    major bbs questions

    1. what the hell are unversed? what is their purpose? how do they relate to heartless/nobodies? is vanitas considered one? or LS? 2. why is eraqus trying to kill ven (thats what i heard)/why does terra fight him? 3. at the secret ending, does this mean AtW is still alive, as is aqua? 4. when and...
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    [spoilers] Early Release Game Owner

    i figured id contribute to this since i didnt want to be one of the people that just watches and reads this whole thing. its very exciting getting to participate in something this big... over a computer. lol. well, its an experience at least im glad im having it even though nothing will prolly...
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    Whose scenario are you most excited to play?

    idk the order, ill probably just screw everything and play them all at once and confuse myself. but as for most excited? TERRA
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    Terra/Ven/Braig scene.

    i would like to point out that everyone is wrong. the rocks behind braig do indicate that he is at the gathering place after MX makes the sky go dark (also indicating that he is there at the end of the game). but the scene with the great maw in RG has been changed. not only is RG completely...