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    New Interview

    Yeah, no. Uncertain where you happened to erroneously-pull those amounts from, but there's clearly a total of twelve playable-Worlds (including Mirage-Arena). Remote-possibility of thirteen, I suppose, but don't bet on it.
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    New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS With Translations

    Re: New Scan: Olympus coliseum + FF character in BBS Nice to see Olympus-Coliseum finally confirmed. I guess. Honestly, I really wouldn't have cared to learn that it had indeed been omitted. Oh well. And, Zack. Huh? Well, it's probably only a matter-of-time before you-know-who-else...
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    Behold -- the eagerly-anticipated, long-awaited cover-artwork is finally revealed...

    ... for Piano-Collections - Kingdom-Hearts: Field & Battle. ... .... Whee~~ Sorry, I just couldn't resist. XD Still no sign of any track-listing, unfortunately (I'd wager there's a very obvious and sound-reason for that, though). However, having said that, the cover sure is awesome; in...
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    WTF?! No Olympus Coliseum?!!

    I'm wiilling to bet he was referring to Deep-Space with that. Not quite Port-Royal, true, but still rather unexpected.
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    Supposedly, next week's issue of Famitsu-PlayStation will also feature an all-new interview (conducted with whom, however, is currently unknown), which is purported to contain some sort of "mysterious and surprising revelation" concerning a certain aspect within this game. Specifically what it...
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    Birth by Sleep Not Coming to the PSP Go?

    Assuming this is true, I'm fairly certain Sony will keep the pressure firmly-appliied on Disney, until they finally decide to crack. So, just because it might not be available in downloadable-format immediately, that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't become such eventually. All that...
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    ... the Hell? *Checks & compares* Wow, unexpected. Go figure. =P
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    New VJump scans (Jan 2010 issue) (translated)

    They've conveniently cropped the character-collage, so-as to not feature that other character. Nice. XD Customarily, it's usually only one or two-pages (for all/any JUMP-related incarnations). Very rarely does any media-coverage -- regardless of the subject/topic -- exceed that. However...
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    Possible "fourth scenario"?

    Single-Layered UMD-capacity: 900 Mega-Bytes Dual-Layered UMD-capacity: 1800 Mega-Bytes [1.8 Giga-Bytes] I'll be extremely impressed if they actually manage to pull this off 100% successfully (and without the need for multiple-UMDs, obviously). Because, when compared to previous disc-based...
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    I spy Braig

    That would be Vanitas. Radiant-Garden was already hinted/teased in the previous-issue of V-Jump ("Here's a clue: the place where [Ansem] and his Apprentices reside."). Disney-Town is the other featured-World, obviously, which should also include confirmation of Disney-Castle.
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    coded Episode 6 (spoilers!)

    It's unconfirmed, but probably only one. Possibly two, but I wouldn't count on it. Although, I really wouldn't put it passed Nomura to segment the final-Episode into a few individual 'parts'... XD
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    Horoubasution ...! ?

    It's been common-knowledge for quite a while now -- *cougheversinceepisodeonecough* -- so, no. Nice try.
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    M.Xehanorts Keyblade theory

    If anyone's KeyBlade holds special-significance, it's probably Vanitas' -- Xehanort's isn't even present in his current character-render. Now, I'm not suggesting that means anything, but it's still worth noting.
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    Eraqus or Erauqs?

    It's preposterous to believe that it would possibly change after being firmly-established as 'Xehanort' for literally years. How you're seemingly unable to comprehend that is beyond me. But, whatever. ... I'm perfectly calm. You're rather weird. XD Though, I still don't quite get what...
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    Eraqus or Erauqs?

    Says the person whom suggests Xehanort crafted the Romanization of his own name... What the Hell are you talking about (y'know, again)?
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    Eraqus or Erauqs?

    ... WTF are you on?! Seriously, 'h' is the only misplaced-letter (from third, to second-last). So, yeah, it's clearly a simple mistake which was somehow missed in the process of final-editing -- hardly a big-deal.
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    Eraqus or Erauqs?

    Actually, V-Jump also has it as being 'Erauqs' (plus, it was released before DenGeki...). *Shrugs*
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    Does '1-UP' know something which the rest of us don't?

    Doubtful. But, hey, one never knows... Say what you will about the date's validity/viability, but it's still quite suspicious (the site, itself, can assuredly be considered a ruputable-source). Not-to-mention, the fact it's rather oddly-specific for a potential 'estimation' about a game...
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    More Vjump Scans

    Or that 'Sorcerer-Mickey' appears on the Command-Board. All they said was something about there being 'Fantasia-elements', and that could mean a plethora of different things. Offend? These are teh 1nt3rW3bz, d00d!!0!01!1!0! =P Yes, but it does increase the overall-likelihood. It's a...
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    the worst name in the world!! VANITAS

    Would you have preferred it to be something along the lines of, say, Ferdinand, instead? See? It could always be worse. I happen to think it's pretty darn great, myself; it really 'suits' him (get it? HAR, HAR). That is, assuming it's his actual moniker, of course. Hm, still not a huge...