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    Paranormal Activity 3

    ‘Paranormal Activity 3′ Sets A Release Date: Are You Pumped, Horror Fans? MTV Movies Blog I liked one and two, but sheesh a third one? The story is complete now, don't ruin it! The curse of Hollywood.
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    Burlesque Trailer Musical clip of Christina singing Something's Got A Hold On Me, originally by Etta James I don't know how many of you like musicals, but i like them (not counting high school musical). I liked Chicago, as there's movies like this every so many years. And besides, i like...
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    I Spit On Your Grave

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    Disney's Cinderella live action remake

    Disney is set to make another film based off of a classic cartoon, this time Cinderella is reportedly coming to life! According to sources, Amanda Seyfried has signed on to play the rags-to-riches step daughter in Cinderella. Disney has reportedly shelled out a seven-figure sum for a new...
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    Enchanted 2

    Variety is reporting Disney has plans to produce a sequel to the successful 2007 film Enchanted. They have hired director Anne Fletcher (The Proposal) and screenwriter Jessie Nelson (I Am Sam, Fred Claus) to replace respectively director Kevin Lima and screenwriter Bill Kelly from the original...
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    Film ► Maleficent

    It bodes well for Alice in Wonderland that Disney are now reportedly lining up another revisionist re-take on one of their cartoon classics for Tim Burton to direct. Maleficent will be a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story that focuses on the Mistress of all Evil instead of that pretty...
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    Captain EO

    The official announcement of Captain EO and Michael Jackson returning to Disneyland was made on December 18, 2009. The beloved film will return to it's original location at Disneyland next to Star Tours and Space Mountain. One big question is whether or not Disney will enhance this show...
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    No needs to worry, unlike Cinderella 2, 3 is pretty good. Her stepsister, Anastasia gets a hold of the Fairy Godmothers wand, and accidentally turns her into stone. Soon the stepmother takes the wand, turns back time to stop Cinderella from going to the Ball. And then the Prince goes under a...
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    Everything We Know About Birth By Sleep | Unversed So Far

    I haven't peeked into the KH threads for a long time. But i don't know if anyone noticed. It looks like parts of Cinderella 3 have been incorporated into the game, as well as Stitch 2. So i'm guessing that we may have Disney sequels in KH 3.
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    Dipping my Foot into A new Medium

    Ok, so i'm trying out photography. I'm tired of just looking at great pictures, so it's about time i get up and try it out for myself. Dawn Mother to be 2 Desert Beauty Desert Beauty 2 Desert Beauty 3
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    Film ► Tangled

    The film will be made in CGI, though Rapunzel will resemble traditional oil paintings on canvas (gives it a 2D touch) The story is based on the classic German fairy tale Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. Insperation for the movie: The Swing Concept art of Rapunzel: Title Title 2 Rapunzel...
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    High School Musical 4

    Yes, you all read the title correctly, they are working on the movie as we sit here looking at the computer screen. You ask how can it go on, they graduated? Well the three new characters that came into the third movie, will take the place in the fourth movie. I like the first movie, i didn't...
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    Mermaid out in the snow

    Here are the latest pictures: Ready for the Holidays 4 Elements
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    Henry The Raving Dynamite

    Here are two sketches that i did for drawing class. The other two were for practicing with my new tablet and practicing photo editing, manipulation and all that good stuff. Henry Fuseli The Tailor Raving Art Dynamite
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    Heroes Destiny

    I wasn't sure where to put this. And i didn't want to put it in the Heroes thread, since it's basically a whole different story. But for those of you who watched it, what did you think about it? Did you like it? The first episode is only five minutes long, but i'm liking it. I really like how i...
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    The King of Rock

    The King of Rock (Elvis Presley): Elvis Presley by *cartoonist4eternity on deviantART Strangle (just something i did fast, out of boredom): Strangle by *cartoonist4eternity on deviantART
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    Trick or Retreat

    Haven't been on this site for awhile again. Life gets busy, anyways here's a halloween picture for you all to enjoy. Trick or Retreat by *cartoonist4eternity on deviantART
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    Shedding My Pain

    Ok, so i finished this really fast, hance it's not at its best. That's at least what i think, anyways, i would like it if you guys could critique. Tell me what i could fix. But make sure it's small things, life is busy at the moment, so i wont be able to do much with this piece in the first...
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    Castle in the Sky

    First time coloring this style. Castle in the Sky
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    A realistic touch

    I didn't put this with the Super Chaos thread, because it has nothing to do with the topic in the thread. Me and My Pokemon