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    Is a 8GB memory card too big for a PSP?

    ok well about a month ago i bought a 8GB memory card for my PSP i didnt really do much with it till about a week ago and i put 3.8 GB worth of music on there and when i tried them most didnt work. and sometimes when it said it was corrupted i just turned the psp off then back on again and they...
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    KH2 Shirt at Hot Topic

    i saw this about 2 weeks ago when i went there on my trip to missori. i could have gotten it if i wanted to but i bought RE5 insted (for about the same price to X3)
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    My First Sig

    Well i made this yesterday- 1.- I just want some second opinions. thoughts?
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    Bioshock- The Movie

    link- BioShock movie in development, Gore Verbinski directing - Joystiq Well this should be interesting. Rated "R" woot.
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    Battlefield:Bad Company 2 'Confirmed'

    site- Battlefield Bad Company 2 - News, Previews, & Videos|Official Site more info- EA - ::Battlefield Franchise:: freakin sweet
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    Hp Glitch?

    AR MAX arnd Action Reply are basically the same thing. EDIT- Darn someone delete this post.
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    Free Radical saved?!?

    40 jobs saved at Free Radical Design // News Although its not the WHOLE copany yet its still some good news.
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    Help/Support ► PSP Problem

    hmm ive been trying to do this for a while make what is the capacitey of the.mem. stick? (yes it matters)
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    KH2 Final Mix discussion

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    The magic is back

    he cant now:) i never thought anything about it it just got a little boring abotu through the 6 or 7th playthruough i still play all of them when i have nothing else to play.
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    TAV Armor

    yea like a extra defense or something. (although the game would probly already be easy enough)
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2 at Gamestop CoM was E RE:CoM was E+10
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2 at Gamestop I plan on geting it about a week during the first part of the realease. (lukily i dont have much KH fans around me and 8 stores close to me atlest 1 of them is bound to have it) so i dont have to worry about pre-ordering it.
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    Which do you think is harder?

    Which do you think is harder ro make? 1.Make the first game of a series. 2.Make a GOOD follow-up(s) Its actulaly a tough dercision when ou think about it. 1.-Its may be a little harder to get the character and stuff and first but the idaes are fresh and they can do whatever. 2.They have...
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    The latest failure from the golden gates of microsoft...E74 ERROR!

    Right well it appears that microsoft are having bigger problems on there hands now than the RROD or the disc scratching fiasco's, There is a new erroe on the scene and its name is E74. This error has been around for a while now but was appearently a very occasional thing but now the xbox forums...
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    Help/Support ► Homework Help

    im fine with it but the only thing i would be worrried about is 'cheating' i guess. Nevertheless i still want some rep points. Why? Do i need a reason?
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    CoD-WoW WII question

    Okay so my friend really wants this game but his parents wont let him get it becuz of the M rating. But im wondering if the WII version has a feature to 'lower graphic content' where it basicly changes it to a T rated game. I know the PS3 ver. has it.But does the WII version have it?
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    Joker Map Card

    I got ,ost of mine in the Eternal Darkness rooms (im think thats what its called)it the one where the room is pitch black with all thoses shadow heartless.
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    Doom 4 'Confirmed'

    Link to comformation- IGN: id "Officially" Announces Doom 4, Shows off Rage Its says the realease date is TBA 2009. I like the storyline and gameplay of Doom 3 it was a pretty hard game to (for me) i hope this is a good follow-up.
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    Most Annoying Boss

    Trickmaster in R/R becuse you got all those crappy cards and about 95% of them were higher than yours.