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    Mysterious Keyblade

    I have been thinking, on Kingdom Hearts 1 in Hollow Bastion, when Sora had Kairi's heart in him they used that dark keyblade(not oblivion). What was it called and did it have a keychain? I lost my game so I can't look at the video and if anyone remebers where it came from, please tell me.
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    The new enimies

    I heard from a semi-reliable ource that the new enemy will not be soul-less or dissouled...i heard that i will be called th reborn.What do you people think?:confused:
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    New 358/2 days info!

    Riku a boss again??Not too unpreditcable but hey im cool wit it!!
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    ~ anyone on this site ever beat sephiroth?

    I beat him on my second try on lv57
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    How Do They Look Like (Org. XIII "Somebodies")

    the answer to Alex's question, Namine has no X in her name because she was formed when she was in sora and because she was a princess of heart meaning she had a pure heart and for the topic, I think that axel might look like setzer off of the weird contest off of the begining of the game because...
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    Anyone else ever try this?..

    I got Roxas to lv37 trying to get to lv99 but my game broke so i bought a new one, got to lv 43 then got tired and went on with the story. :(
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    Organization battles

    I was looking on the home page about the organization fights in KH2 and it showed thatg you could fight other members like Zexion. I was just wandering if it was for final mix or if I had to do something special. :confused:
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    True Names of the Organization members.

    Just to get the Namine`-Kiari thing right I just wanted to say kiari was a princess of heart meaning of a pure heart so that she wont have an X in her name because she wont kill as a nobody. so that could be the explanation or the name problem. or that when kiari`s heart was inside sora and sora...
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    Did you think it would be awesome?

    Ok honestly,when you went in to where ever you bought Kingdom Hearts one,did you auttomatically consider buying it?well I was skeptical at first but then i bought it and im glad i did.:thumbsup::thumbsup:What about u ppl?
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    Disney castle?

    Why on kingdom hearts one, did it show disney castle but you could never get to it.:confused:
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    Disney castle

    In the first game there is a Disney Castle off to the side...Can you reach it?
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    Duuh if you look on this website and look under kh2 organization members it tells you everyone. When you click on Marluxia it sais he is nature not death and flowers are nature. the reason for the scyth is that origionaly (sorry for spelling) the scyth was used for cutting weat for bread back in...
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    terra question

    ok I read that terra resebels Xemnas but i think he looks ALOT like axel.I want ur guys opinon. thanks for reading!!
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    Ok.People keep coming up to me saying,"wow sora has so many keyblades!"Let me tell everyone else out there who thinks that sora has over 2 keyblades that they are WRONG!!!!Sora has only 2 keyblades!The way he gets new keyblades is from his key chains on his keyblade!Duh!He only has 2...
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    pirates of the carribibean

    I think i read somewhere that they are gonna make a new pirates of the carribiean world for kh.i dont know if its true or not.I want some other peoples opininions.:o_O:
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    kh pics

    i posted this on another page and now on this one.how in the heck do you put kh pics on your threads?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?i can put a URL in but the pic dont show up!!!!!Please will some1 put up spme URLs for me i would really appreciate it!:toungesmile: thanks for reading and plz reply!!!
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    kh pics

    i dont know how to get kh pics onto my threads!!!!!i mean if i put a url in there all it gives me is a stupid X!!!!!!:cursing:Please some1 give me some urls!!!!!! thanks for reading:glare:
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    kh fighting forces

    Ok another one of those little multiple choice kind of things Question:Which is the best fighting force? A.Organization XII B.Cloud,Leon,Yuffie C.King Mickey,Donald,and Goofy D.Sepihroth with 2 nobodies E.Kairi,Rikku,Sora F.Master Yin Sid and Chip `n' Dale(chip and dale have a gummi...
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    Kh attacks

    i didnt mean to put so many i didnt kno wthat it put it on there so i did it again im sorry people:mellow:
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ question.

    i would have to agree ya need to swap