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  1. J

    Wats new

    Haha been gone waaaaay too long, but im back! Ok main reason for this thread is just asking, wat hav i missed? There havent been any major updates that ive seen and i was hoping that im wrong and SE threw us a big bone while i was AWOL So if anyone would like to fill me in id appreciate it...
  2. J

    Meaning of BBS?

    I meant that KH is the light in the World of Darkness. IN, not FROM
  3. J

    Meaning of BBS?

    Objection, it was established that KH is light, therefore, how can it be from darkness?
  4. J

    Meaning of BBS?

    Uh huh, I feel another keyblade war comin
  5. J

    Meaning of BBS?

    Sound kinda religious to me lol But Ansem couldn't have found a way to extract hearts from KH, I mean the last person who tried to control KH And plz don't say he made a machine, because we all no what happen to the last one he made
  6. J

    Meaning of BBS?

    Tnx man I've read what u wrote I think u could be on the right track, and what u said basiclly oppose that all hearts come from darkness Btw, which KH r we discussing here, the one to mans hearts or the heart of worlds?
  7. J

    Meaning of BBS?

    Crap I'm on an ipod...that might b a problem
  8. J

    Meaning of BBS?

    I could not read what u just wrote since idk how to get rid of that black marker thing that covered up evrything u wrote
  9. J

    Meaning of BBS?

    I'm thinking Birth by Sleep refers 2 the keyblades being "born" after their wielder "sleeps" But im not sure cause the only ones thats done this that we no of is Sora, Roxas, and Ven But what Ansem said could be foreshadowing a future game? One where every1 has a keyblade?
  10. J

    The Frozen Fortune trophy

    Oh, it just gives u a trophy after u used it 30 times I think
  11. J

    The Frozen Fortune trophy

    Like above said, the hard part is winning Ice cream beat, then spamming ice cream till u change...Appearently it's a 20% chance of getting it
  12. J

    quick question

    Dude, scamming again? and here i was thinking u went straight... u want money, get out of ur room ;)
  13. J

    Birth by Sleep PSP Wallpapers

    lol same with me, dosent work, even the ones i downloaded when they first came out
  14. J

    BbS Release Date Announced

    Finally! But school starts like the week after And its not exactly in the summer... but wtf its coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. J

    Birth by Sleep Pre-Order now available!

    Same here I'm just really hoping they have a boxset... Though chances aren't high...
  16. J

    FF.vs.XIII & KH

    I dont know exactly if this show go here, because it has both FF and KH in it I found this thread on Final Fantasy.net where this guy argues that FFvsXIII can have stuff to do with KH heres the link Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XIII - Final Fantasy Net - Forum thoughts??? P.S. plz...
  17. J

    KHInsider's Birth By Sleep Turnament

    So it's really going to happen?
  18. J

    Possible Date for NA Release?

    Basiclly, it's a guess, not the actual date but it would be so freaky if it was...
  19. J

    Possible KH: BBS PSP Bundle Idea.

    I don't care, all I'm gunna play is prob BBS
  20. J

    OMG!!! KH3!!!

    Did you see the front page on KHI? Sora finally dyed his hair rainbow!!!!! My life is complete!!!!! P.S yes I know it's a joke, I'm not stupid... No really