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  1. Guilded.Raven

    Secret Scene-Riku and Kairi's Torment

    Wait, what? Those in torment? I knew TVA were in torment, but since when were the others? Sorry, but I haven't been on in a while so, I'm a bit out of the loop, I guess...
  2. Guilded.Raven

    Fanfiction ► "What IS Love?" (FINISHED!!)

    Re: "What IS Love?" (UPDATED!!) Aw, man, this fanfic is hillarious!!! I really would liked to have heard more about that blind date thing, though. That had potential for some serious (and hillarious) screw ups...
  3. Guilded.Raven

    Favorite mission mode character?

    Well... It wasn't really a damage thing, but an aiming thing...
  4. Guilded.Raven

    RE:COM 100%

    Re: COM 100% ARGH! If it wasn't for that stupid card crap, I would have finished that freakin game by now... Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of absolute button-mashing, either, but the card system was too complicated.
  5. Guilded.Raven

    Favorite mission mode character?

    Well, I've tried using all the members (except Sora, cause I don't have him yet...), and I usually find myself using Axel, Siax, or Marluxia. All the others are ok and I will use them, but, for whatever reason, I HATE playing as Xigbar. It's not that I don't like Xigbar, just, playing as him...
  6. Guilded.Raven

    NA release date?

    Ohmaigawsh, if it did come out on the 14th, that'd be EPIC!!!
  7. Guilded.Raven

    Organization XIII's real names, and Nobody names

    And just to confirm that confirmation and help all of you who may want the evidence: YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days English Cutscenes Part 13: Axel and Saïx
  8. Guilded.Raven

    Day 153 secret report(spoilers?)

    X-Face?! Heh, That's priceless!!!
  9. Guilded.Raven

    KHII Manga Vol 3-5 I GOT THEM!

    Yeah, chapter five would be great! I've been looking for these scans for a couple days now...
  10. Guilded.Raven

    Poor Axel.

    Oh, no. It's ok. That's a very minor spoiler, and, quiet frankly, it didn't ruin anything for me. But I can't find that chapter ANYWHERE! I found the one where Siax beats him within an inch of his life, but absolute bobkus after that! And I wanted to see Amano's take on everything...
  11. Guilded.Raven

    358/2 days, saddest KH?

    I know you're all gonna call me a wuss, but I cried like a baby when Xion died. My brother looked over at me and gave me this wierd look like "What the heck is your PROBLEM?!"... ... And then Roxas said his now infamous line... And I started laughing. But now I actually understand that line...
  12. Guilded.Raven

    Poor Axel.

    AWWW!!!! I haven't unlocked that report yet... (I'M TWO MISSIONS AWAY, DANGIT!ffffuuu) And, not only is that scene sad for Axel, but the fact that he flat up forgets Xion ...I wish the three of us - three? No. ... is just depressing... EDIT: Oh, and, Elveina, what chapter does he die in? I'm...
  13. Guilded.Raven

    The Kingdom Hearts 2, we never played.

    ... Whoa. I already knew about the Xigbar thing, but the King, the Behemoths and the Roxas image are all news to me! The King Xemnas and the Behemoths look EPIC! Personally, I found both of those battles on the easier side (especially the 1000 Heartless Challenge. That was rediculous.)facepalm...
  14. Guilded.Raven

    Lets Discuss Marluxia (SPOILERS)

    Lol, yeah, I gotta agree with you on that one...shamisen
  15. Guilded.Raven

    Poor Axel.

    Personally, yes, Axel's story was tragic, however, I wouldn't label it as the saddest story. I wouldn't even consider Roxas's the sadest. I would have to combine the stories of Xion, Roxas and Axel into one Shakesperian tragedy (and, well, you have Days). I find them all equally sad for...
  16. Guilded.Raven

    Lets Discuss Marluxia (SPOILERS)

    His voice actor was the whole reason I began to reconsider his character! It was perfect! But on a less serious note, the voice actor was the same voice actor for Bloo from Foster's Home. I had to do this project for Computer Apps. last year and in looking up images for the Org., I found an...
  17. Guilded.Raven

    Vanitas' eyes

    I'm having trouble finding an image of Vanitas's eyes, like the one from the recent Jump Festa trailer. If anyone know where to find this, that'd be great and if this is in the wrong place (cause I'm not really sure...) please move it.
  18. Guilded.Raven

    Fanfiction ► Splintered Heart

    But, you see, that's the bitter irony of it! It makes it that much more interesting!
  19. Guilded.Raven

    Fanfiction ► Splintered Heart

    .... O... Mai.... Gawsh. Absolute fan-fiction perfection. It's poetic with a kind of flow that I have yet to find it's equal. For a story about Nobodies, the story portrays emotion in a rather beautiful way. It's darker than many (at least that I've seen), but yet that's what makes it trully...
  20. Guilded.Raven

    Fanfiction ► Second Chance [Post-Days]

    Ah, so poetic! You've piqued my interest... Your fic is starting really well! I hope you keep going!