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    I'm new!

    Hola peoples :) So I joined KHI on Sunday, and it's the first forum I've ever joined, but I didn't know they had this on here, so I thought hey why not now. Well I've been playing the KH series for about 4 years now and I've got to say it's one of my favorites :D (Riku's definitely my favorite...
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    Concerning Nobodies and Unbirths

    I know there have been several threads about who Xion actually came from and if Riku had a nobody or not. Some, I believe, have wondered if either Xion or Axel actually came from Riku. I've looked back at what is said about the nobodies and Riku in the games and a little in the manga and I've...
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    A few questions about Deep Dive

    I've watched FFVII AC and I let him watch it...I even brought that up in our argument as well as the fact that it's just a video game, anything could happen in a video game...it didn't help. With him there has has to be an explanation for everything. We get into some pretty deep "debates," as we...
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    A few questions about Deep Dive

    I'm right there with you ^^ and where in the world did my last reply go? Did I delete it and not even know it? Weird... I really don't know how to work with this yet...
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    A few questions about Deep Dive

    I tried to use the fact that it happened in Xemnas and Sora's fight as well, but that didn't help I've tried to tell him it's just a game, several times in fact...you have no idea how incredibly stubborn he is...and he constantly over thinks things...but that's what makes arguing with him so...
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    A few questions about Deep Dive

    Okay so I just joined a few minutes ago and thought I'd ask a few questions that have been bugging me for the past few months...most of which were brought up by one of my friends. Anywho, #1 Was Riku the one who summoned all the heartless that attacked Roxas? I noticed when Riku jumps off the...
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    How many hours have you got?

    I've played somewhere around 80 hours...I haven't played any of the KH games in a long time :(