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    Hardest Re:CoM Boss?

    Sora: Larxene i hate every attack that she does i had to use firaga slates to beat her!! Riku: Trickmaster, it took so long to beat him all of my deck didnt have one card over i think 6!! And card duels were pretty useless in ths battle too.
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    Help/Support ► Should I?

    Haha this forum is too funny!!;P But thanks for the replies!!
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    Help/Support ► Should I?

    haha thanks for those tips.... but im pretty good at fights :D
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    Help/Support ► Should I?

    Haha ok thanks for all the quick responses!!
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    Help/Support ► Should I?

    Ok, so there is kid at school and he wants to fight me and I want to fight him too... but i know that if i fight him i will get expelled because i already did some" illegal" stuff.... And he is talking s#!t and everything!! And he was talking about my girlfriend too. So should i fight him or not?
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    Hey everyone!

    Hi!! :D