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  1. K

    BBS Special Stuff?

    I dont think anyone should expect much from it. The other games had postcards and posters. Its probably gonna b something like that........
  2. K

    Sora's stolen keyblade

    I know right lol its just stupid
  3. K

    New Roxas Illustration

    Aw i cant see the pic. :{
  4. K

    Sora's stolen keyblade

    Im sorry but wat does that even mean? It doesnt make any sense.
  5. K

    Amazon Discount and Slip Cover for 358/2 Days

    Im dissapointed with it..Y would anyone want a cover....FOR THE BOX...100% pointless
  6. K

    Confusion about kh2fm

    Onc u beat the game they have theater mode where u can watch any scene u want in english or japanese.
  7. K

    Amazon Discount and Slip Cover for 358/2 Days

    Just preorder at gamestop or best buy. They give away cooler stuff. ~Cheese~
  8. K

    Kingdom Hearts 2 NTSC/UC CB/AR Codes

    YAY THANK YOU!!!! :D i was lookin for these
  9. K

    Amazon Discount and Slip Cover for 358/2 Days

    Re: Amazon + Square Enix... Again. Gamestop is giving out a poster and postcards
  10. K

    Sora's stolen keyblade

    Yup this pretty much answers it....:P
  11. K

    Amazon Discount and Slip Cover for 358/2 Days

    Re: Amazon + Square Enix... Again. I just got that email!!! I was gonna go preorder it on amazon but gamestop gives away cooler stuff when u preorder so im just gonna preorder it there.........
  12. K

    Days E3 Press Kit Leaked

    Thank You!!! :D
  13. K

    Days in Nintendo Power! New world inside?

    Aw I didnt get the new issue yet.Stupid mail...so slow....Now im extra excited.
  14. K

    Anyone else dissapointed with the Amount of Worlds in 358 days?

    Yeah the worlds may be bigger and longer and we really dont know for sure how many worlds are in the game.Besides even if here are only that many,maybe there will be two sides to the game...like CoM.
  15. K

    Zexion and Riku

    It's probably got something to do with the fact that Riku exists in the light and the darkness and it might be like Zexion's speciality idk
  16. K

    A little problem with the last battle with Riku.

    i had a lot of trouble with him just use vexen and oogie boogie and have good cards
  17. K

    I told you so...

    you could buy it from japan but re com wouldnt have english voices and the o and x buttons would be switched
  18. K

    The New Cast

    it will be weird for soras voice but for new characters im sure they will choose great voice actors
  19. K

    I told you so...

  20. K

    Which CoM orginazation member do you think is coolest

    i feel the same way about axel. same voice actor and the hair and face are similar