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  1. whisperingspirit

    Dynamic Theme Pre-Order Bonus?

    Amazon sent me an email with the code shortly after it was shipped.
  2. whisperingspirit

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Release Date & Pre-Order Bonus!

    Re: KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX Release Date & Pre-order Bonus! Been waiting for them to announce a pre-order bonus. Just ordered it off of Amazon. I hate that it comes out so close to college but oh well. XD
  3. whisperingspirit

    Completion Times

    Finished in 20:42 on standard mode. Sora at level 31 and Riku at level 40.
  4. whisperingspirit

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    I also got the ending glitch after looking back at a tutorial I accidentally skipped. Thankfully it went away when I went back to my last save. I just keep checking the journal for it before I save to make sure it doesn't stay on there.
  5. whisperingspirit

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Amazon has a few more!

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D Collector's Edition Announced! Pretty Much Sold Out! Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Mark of Mastery - RadioShack.com Don't know if this was posted already but apparently radioshack has some copies of the MoM edition if anyone still wants to order it ^^
  6. whisperingspirit

    Sephiroth Help *I know its been done before*

    Personally having Berserk Charge helped me defeat Sephiroth much easier since I could hit him endlessly while my MP would charge back up. Just make sure you pay attention to the reaction commands and dodge attacks well. Hope this helps!
  7. whisperingspirit

    Nintendo Direct Conference Tonight (6/21)!

    That's why I carry a purse. I have so much junk in mine that I can't even find anything anymore XD I lost Mario Kart 7 in there the other day lol.
  8. whisperingspirit

    KH3D Pre-Order Bonus!

    Amazon added a picture of the AR cards bonus. Apparently you get 3 AR Cards total and a 360 degree stand, It says: 1) One AR Card that will randomly unlock Sudo Neku, Meowjesty, or Ursa Circus 2) One AR Card that will unlock R & R Seal 3) One AR Card that's serves as a 360 degree viewing stand...
  9. whisperingspirit

    KH3D Opening Screens!

    Awesome pics! I hope the game comes out soon. I am so tempted to just look up the cutscenes and spoil everything D:
  10. whisperingspirit

    KH3D in Nintendo Power April 2012!

    It says the magazine comes out April 3 on the website.
  11. whisperingspirit

    What's your probable Dream Eater team?

    I'm not sure as of yet. I will probably be switching around until I find the perfect team. However, I do like Goat Horn ^^
  12. whisperingspirit

    KH3D Premiere Event: Photos and Videos from the Event!

    This is really good :) That would be awesome in postcard form ^^
  13. whisperingspirit

    KH3D Premiere Event: Photos and Videos from the Event!

    Love the Sora teddy bear pic ^^
  14. whisperingspirit

    Possible NA Release Date for KH3D?

    Well the estimated date isn't too far off. But they may be releasing an English trailer soon. The NA site for the game is no longer text and has reverted back to the original layout as it was before. Except this time the Japanese trailer isn't loading up (well for me it's not). They must have...
  15. whisperingspirit

    Rumour Has It: KH3D release date July 27th/Summer 2012

    Re: Europiean Release date? So this date is accurate? Or will we have to wait for square enix to officially confirm the date? This means I will have to replay the games before the release ^^
  16. whisperingspirit

    Dream Drop Distance Debuts in Nintendo Power

    I will definitely be buying this the 28th when it comes out in stores ^^
  17. whisperingspirit

    KH 3D info on next issue of Famitsu

    I was also wondering this. I'm excited to see how the story will go without them. Also on another note, how long has the NA site for DDD been just text? The picture and trailer that was there is no longer there now. :/
  18. whisperingspirit

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Box Art Revealed!

    I adore this cover ^^ I cannot wait until the game comes out overseas.
  19. whisperingspirit

    KH3D 10th Anniversary Box Contents Revealed!

    I really hope this box comes out over here. I don't own Days or Re:Coded so this bundle would be an awesome item for me to get ^^ Of course, I understand the frustration of people who already own them. :/
  20. whisperingspirit

    KH3D Japan Release Date Confirmed + Edition info!

    I really wish we see some English trailers next month or sometime in march. Would make a great bday present ^^ But, the anniversary I'm thinking has an art book or something along those lines. Could be a possible music cd too with popular songs from all the KH games? Probably asking for too much...