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  1. ForeverBueaty

    [SPOILERS] Why was Lea wearing...

    What if the bald dude turned lea into a nobody, so when axel was killed. Axel turned into Lea...so Lea was set free. I dont know just a thought
  2. ForeverBueaty

    [SPOILERS] Theory on the gray haired boy

    I think that grey haired boy is another creation, like a nobody. You know what i'm saying? Like after the keyblade war something happened(to ventus/aqua/terra) that created him. Maybe he is like a evil ventus/terra/aqua combined...something like that.
  3. ForeverBueaty

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    I ventus to be in this game! (>.<)w
  4. ForeverBueaty

    What do you think of this story im working on?

    Heyyyyy ! I am making this story about this girl named "Jessie" and her mom that move into this old house, the first thing they notice is that theres dream catchers everywhere(like hanging off the ceiling, hanging on every corner of the walls in the house..something like that). As they take...
  5. ForeverBueaty

    Re:coded it is worth playing?

    Re: coded it is worth playing? instead of buying the game...just watch gameplay on youtube...like i do XD
  6. ForeverBueaty

    Why is Aqua so popular?

    haha why you people love her boobs so much XD
  7. ForeverBueaty

    How much does Sora weigh?

    well his feet put like 100 pounds on him.... XD LOL
  8. ForeverBueaty


    hey everyone, I am ForeverBueaty:) I am new to this forum.