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    Comedy/horror RP?

    I got really slap happy the other day and watched a really bad Zombie movie about a prom dance, it was called Dance of the Dead.....I"m sure it was suppose to be really funny and stupid, and it was....but seemed like a lot of fun to do something like that....anyone in?
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    *cough* I'm a girl....<_< Hey, screw guys in Junior High and High School!! You have mostly been with them from the beginning and they already have their own ideas about every girl. I went through high school without anyone ever asking me out. While I got brushed to the side for other girls...
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    Some Artistic Pictures I Took While I Was In France

    The Eiffel Tower The Champs-Elysee A Statue at the Chateau de Versaille Pont Du Gard (a roman aquaduct) A Church in the City of Nimes These are only my favorites from the trip because they are the most artistic....I haven't downloaded all of them yet...
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    Help/Support ► The LGBT Help and Support Thread (v3)

    I want to join to give out support! I'm straight One of the issues I support is gay/lesbian marriage....I know it is an old topic that a lot of people don't want to talk much about, but I do supoprt it! About a month ago a college in my area had a fake gay marriage in the middle of campus to...
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    Kiss Me In The Rain (Romance RP) (OOC and Sign-up)

    Camerine always dreamed of the most romantic moment of all her life since she was little; to be kissed passionatly in the rain. In high school she was the loner who spent plenty of time in choir and working on her grades to get into Brown. Finding the right guy was the last thing on her mind...
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    Anyone want to do a Romance RP?

    Just looking around at the RPs and there seems to be a lot for fighting RPs and such and thought maybe it is time for a nice, simple, and old idea....a Romance RP... I'm up for it because I love these RPs and it brings a lot of RPers together as friends.... Just putting it out there...if...
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    Scavengers (Sign-up's and OOC)

    (This is an old RP that I made a long time ago, back when I was just starting out on KHI. I was told to try putting it together again, so I decided I would since I'm off for summer break from college.) SCAVENGERS The meteor struck the earth with such force that day. It had been predicted...
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    Come Back To RP Section, Political RP?

    I'm working on coming back to my favorite section after a few years of disappearing from the site. Since being gone my mind is filled with ideas that I would love to bring to life with help from others. I'm going to write a little summary about one of my lesser ideas and if there is interest in...
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    Hello, Maybe I'm Back

    Been gone for a while, with a few pop-ins every so often in the chat (where I use to live on KHI, hahaha). I really miss Role-Playing!! I have so many ideas that I wish I had time for! Kind of miss a lot of people around here and enjoying the chats. I guess University lifes takes time away...
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    ~*Instruments of Life*~

    Instruments of Life Life would be nothing without sound, beauty, and music. The world needs the basic need of song to make people smile, laugh, and cry. Far out in the universe a world revolves around music. Not just for entertainment, but to fight and live. The world is split up into...
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    Looking For Ideas

    I've been dying to do an RP with instruments...something totally different... I've thought of a few things, but nothing has really worked.... Anyone got some ideas. I think instruments are unique idea to use somehow....I just don't know how....hmmmm
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    Doctor Who

    Over the summer I found a away to watch the past three new seasons on Doctor Who that started in 2005. I soon found myself becoming obsessed with Doctor Who. I laughed, I cried, and just couldn't stop watching it. David Tennant is amzing at his roll of the Doctor and What happened with Rose...
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    Lab Rats (Original RP)

    (I know this has been done before, but I want to make a few twists to the once so old idea so hang in there when you read this) Genetics Labs Genetics Labs is a company owned by the government. Their job is to find better ways to protect the men in the military. Even if this means human...
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    School of Secret Combative [Sign-ups]

    Top Secret What you are about to read is top secret and can not be shared with anyone for your life and many others could be in great danger. It is a matter of secret around the world. You have been choosen to go to a special school to learn special techniques. These techniques are what is...
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    Vampire vs. Vampire (An Original RP)

    Special thank you out to Shadukai X...I couldn't have made this without you!! True Bloods Everyone knows that in history, within books, and stories that vampires drink the blood of humans either killing them or turning them into vampires themselves. This is the original vampire, or what...
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    School of Secret Combative (An Original RP)

    Mystery "Who would think that some small test in school could mean so much? Five quick questions and then sometimes after graduation no one knows what happens to you if you are choosen from the test." - James High School Student "I've heard you go someplace and they totally erase you from...
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    Looking For Experienced RPers

    My next RP I'm coming out with needs some help from experienced RPers. My next RP has need of 3 to 4 experienced RPers to take place as teachers. The RP has to do with normal kids learning to become spys and assasins. I need people willing to stick with their parts and do a fabulous part. What...
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    I already know some of you will say "Cheerleading is not a sport" so if you are going to say that, don't post. Thanx I'm a cheerleader, I've been one fore six years now and I really enjoy it. Now if you want to see the sports side of cheerleading go to a competition not a...
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    Terra Firma (An Original RP)

    This Rp would never have made it without the help of BlackmageAp, thank you so much <33333 Generation Incompany The Earth is going into chaos all thanks to the large corporation known as Generation Inc. This large company started small within the stock market. When they finally got a big...
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    Reapers (An Original RP)

    Reapers In the universe the world of the dead is split up into three sections. There is Heaven who is guarded by angels, and Hell guarded by demons. The section inbetween these two worlds in the transfer of souls. This is done by the group of warriors known as the Reapers. Everyone knows...