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  1. Zaplen14

    Thread for base reviews

    This makes me so happy! Ive heard a lot of bad reviews, but I am just hoping that is because people were expecting certain things to happen that didn't. I too am sad about the cut in Twilight Town and losing that "Hub world" depth like Radient Garden or Traverse Town. But I am hoping to find...
  2. Zaplen14

    Thread for base reviews

    I wanted to start a thread for those who have a base idea of the game to be able to sorta review it. Meaning if you like it, give a simple 8/10 or just a brief description such as "I really liked where they went with they story in -blank- areas" or "The game failed me in -blank- areas" This I...
  3. Zaplen14

    Realistic water

    In an earlier interview, Nomura stated that they added a more realistic aspect to the water. What is interesting to me now as we get closer to the release is that he stated this after we already saw Pirates of the Caribbean. An odd fact about it is that he stated that we had not seen this update...
  4. Zaplen14

    Something might be missing

    So after all the trailers revealing many new cut scenes and clips, there has been a plot point that seems to be non existent. The new Princess of Heart. I know it was mentioned in the frozen trailer. But there are a couple things I feel don’t add up around it. One: Could this hint at Hollow...
  5. Zaplen14

    KH3 Soundtrack

    Out of all the recent trailers I've been trying to focus on some of the music incorporated in the game. I have been able to hear Toy Story's music through the playthrough, as well as what I believe to be the Kingdom of Corona. However, I am curious if I have missed any additional tracks. I...
  6. Zaplen14

    Xion's Role

    Hoping this isn't a repetitive post. I have been at war with Xion's character and am trying to get a good interpretation of her role. At first I loved her mysterious position and how she had a hidden purpose. However after several years I've started to feel that she was kind of forced into the...
  7. Zaplen14

    I finally see what’s off with kh3 Sora

    So not so much with Sora’s character, but his kh3 outfit is off. It took me the longest time to figure out what was bothering me about his attire, but I see now that it’s his gloves!! I honestly wouldn’t have noticed it until they changed the scene when he is reaching out for Aquas hand...
  8. Zaplen14

    PlayStation Live event

    Any predictions for tonight’s events? I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I swear I remember reading somewhere that there may be some new info tonight.
  9. Zaplen14

    Roxas, no.

    Okay. What if.. Roxas has everything on his plate. I predict in the end that Roxas may have to save Sora... But, I feel that its not that easy. Axel's in danger, he recalls Xion's memory, Namine needs help, there is finally a connection to Ven, a connection that makes him long for Aqua, and...
  10. Zaplen14

    Duel wielding

    One of my favorite additions to Kingdom Hearts II was the ability to duel wield the keyblades. Does it seem probable to incorporate this into III? There were reasons why Roxas could carry two and the same for Sora, but would this work story wise in Kingdom Hearts third installment?
  11. Zaplen14

    Is Kairi to Fragile?

    Too* Alright hear me out. She looks GREAT! ....but not in the direction I would have expected for her to prepare for battle. I would think a tougher and rougher look after training for war. Instead it feels she is softer, cuter, and ...younger? Plenty of animes go with the cuter petite girl...
  12. Zaplen14

    So, everything was amazing! But...

    Whyyyyy didn’t they give Sora a coat for Frozen (*facepalm). He had a cool set up for Christmas town I was really excited to see their gear for such a highly anticipated world. It would have even been the perfect opportunity for him to finally use that hood of his. Do you think this will be...
  13. Zaplen14

    What characters do you see making a side appearance

    Archimedes the owl is on one of my top 10 I loved the small hints such as Lady in the Tramp fountain in Kingdom Hearts 1. Additions like this made for a great way to sneak in characters without giving a full story. This trait possibly could be apart of III, such as in Twilight Town with the...
  14. Zaplen14

    Blue-Haired Doll ?

    Was the battle music eerie as well? Sounds like a nice addition to a “darker” game
  15. Zaplen14

    Returning and New Keyblades

    Considering all the new updates as well as even switching between keyblades, I have just a couple of thoughts. With Keyblades equipping all the new transformations, do you believe that this will limit the amount of Keyblades we receive throughout the game? I feel that with this new addition...
  16. Zaplen14

    The Crown in Kingdom Hearts III

    Okay. So there's this thing in the Kingdom Hearts series that is always there. This thing is in the game just as much as Sora, almost as much as his keyblade. There are exceptions such as when he's in Atlantica, The Grid, or kind of in Halloween Town but there is still some sort or form of it...
  17. Zaplen14

    Okay but why the hate?

    Alright Couple of things here on a different perspective. First off Why is everyone so salty?! A lot of you might actually make a cut in Kh3 as the new sea salt icecream. Joking aside, Riku's keyblade is awesome! It's unique and follows a different concept of a key, which is totally...
  18. Zaplen14

    Christmas theme

    Im anxious to see what the next cover art will be for the main page. Any updates on when we will escape Christmas? 😅
  19. Zaplen14

    RUMOR: Screenshots of Monsters Inc. world in Kingdom Hearts 3 potentially leaked?

    With this rumor It's giving me an idea as to why Sora's monster outfit is funky. Noruma stated that every world would have its own unique features. Like in Toy Story there is the mecha suits that Sora can control. What if (saying this is an actual leak) the world of monsters inc. you would be...
  20. Zaplen14

    Looking forward to...

    What are some events coming up that might include another trailer or interview? It's said that all worlds will progressively be revealed towards the release... Is that good? Or...bad really?