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    News ► Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX demo playable at PAX Prime 2014!

    Seattle area woohoo!!! I've never attendend these kind of things before, don't know if I should go or not...
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    sketchity sketch sketch

    Ok, so this the first time in a loong time I've drawn anything. So here's something I had the sudden urge to draw, but didn't get to finish because SOMEONE'S hair was kinda pissing me off. Sorring if it looks a little.. skewed, I used my phone. So, there ya go! :)
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    Hello, hello!

    Hi, I joined a few months ago but really didn't into posting things and stuff til recently. I just discovered this part of the forums so feel like I should go ahead and give some info about myself. So, I hope I get to meet some really cool peeps! :) -I was born in Okinawa, Japan -I am half...
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    Fights You Hope To See In KH3

    Who would you want to see fight in KH3? I would like to see: -Lea vs. Saix -Sora vs. Young Xehanort -Riku vs. Xehanort's Heartless -Mickey vs. Master Xehanort - And of course, Sora vs. MX Also, what scenario would they be in?
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    Hearts, Souls, and Memories

    Just a handful of questions regarding hearts, souls, and memories... -What does it mean exactly to have a heart in the KH universe? -Ansem the Wise discovered that anything can grow a heart. What triggers the process of growing one? -Can/Do keyblades grow/have hearts? -Do memories reside...