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  1. The Dark Mamba

    The Caribbean World

    It was always my dream to see them adapt Pirates 2 & 3 for KH3. The story coulda been better. I wish they coulda found a better way to work around the middle of At World End's plot instead of separating SDG from Jack and friends till the end section. As it is the world is movie plot-original...
  2. The Dark Mamba

    ...So, can we stick primarily with pixar?

    A Bug's Life - Side game material but still not likely Finding Nemo- Would look beautiful but gameplay would be atrocious if SDG are in fish form Incredibles - Guaranteed for KH4 Cars- Radiator Springs would work well for mini-games if they want to use it Ratatouille- Wouldn't work. Wall-E -...
  3. The Dark Mamba

    How would you rank the Kingdom Hearts games?( Favourite - least favourite)

    1. KH2FM 2. KH3 + Remind (If there was no Remind, KH3 would be below KH1 3. KH1FM 4. 3D 5. BBS 6. COM 7. MOM (Fun game but light on story) 8. 0.2 9. Days 10. CODED 11. X[chi] - Back Cover - Union X - Dark Road - Until they make this a real console game I'm really sick of this story and art style
  4. The Dark Mamba

    Poll: Best Sora design

    Favorite base Sora: KH3 World change: Pirates > Monsters > Grid > Christmas >Lion
  5. The Dark Mamba

    News ► Rumour: A World Based on Frozen 2 Reportedly Considered for Kingdom Hearts 4

    If Pixar was still available and there were still only 7 worlds my guess would be Hercules Toy Story Monsters Inc. At World's End (Might've been too soon though since the movie came out in 2007) Incredibles Hunchback (2008 so no DDD) Jungle Book Like it or hate it, numeral titled KH games are...
  6. The Dark Mamba

    News ► Rumour: A World Based on Frozen 2 Reportedly Considered for Kingdom Hearts 4

    It's obviously highly likely to appear in KH4 but I can't get excited bout this. Arendelle was horribly done in KH3 and I wasn't a big fan of Frozen II. I'd rather see Elsa and her water horse be summons/links rather than have to see a world based on that movie.
  7. The Dark Mamba

    Yozora's Battle Music In Game?

    It's kind of weird song to do a rhythmic battle to because it's more dramatic and slow paced. Wouldn't mind seeing KH1 Sora beat up on Yozora tho.
  8. The Dark Mamba

    News ► The final trailer for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory has been released

    Somehow I got most hyped seeing Country of Musketeers return. I love that battle theme.
  9. The Dark Mamba

    Pixar villains in Future KH games?

    Syndrome and the Omnidroid would be fantastic boss battles. They could even do something cool like fighting both at the same time like they surprisingly did with Davy Jones and the Kraken. Unfortunately both are unlikely to happen due to Pixar preferring original stories so I expect a...
  10. The Dark Mamba

    On what Console will you buy Melody of Memory?

    As of now ima go Switch. For the type of game that it is + it's the 1st game of the series on the Switch. I also don't have that many games on the switch so this'll give me a reason to put it to use.
  11. The Dark Mamba

    Disney characters you felt that Sora had the best chemistry/connection with?

    I'd rank em 1. Ariel 2. Rapunzel 3. Jack Sparrow 4. Hiro 5. Beast 6. Simba 7. Mulan 8. Woody 9. Aladdin 10. Marshmallow The top 3 kinda separate themselves from the others. Ariel n Sora have the cute song chemistry plus they personally related to each other in KH1. Sora n Rapunzel have those...
  12. The Dark Mamba

    Which Pixar world in KH3 did it better, Toy Story or Monster's Inc.?

    This is a tough one. Both were pretty damn good - Better plot: Monstropolis - Vanitas using the negative emotions to bring himself back?= + Unversed - Genius - Better field theme: Monstropolis (Lobby theme) - Battle theme: Toy Box - Level Design: Toy Box - Final boss: Toy Box - Party Members...
  13. The Dark Mamba

    Potential surprise world for KH4?

    I actually voted Simpsons. Disney has done a lot to welcome them into the family. I actually don't think a world would be that bad. I don't see Star Wars ever being incorportated. I could see Marvel but in FF type appearances in worlds. All the other ones -god no.
  14. The Dark Mamba

    Which Princess world in KH3 did it better, Tangled or Frozen?

    - Level Design: Arendelle Corona had great forest detail but it was ultimately just a straight linear path. - Music: Arendelle (field and battle) - Princess Storyline: neither - That storyline was a half baked attempt to make the worlds relevant to the story but there was ZERO payoff - SDG...
  15. The Dark Mamba

    How do you think character switching would've worked in KH3 if it were mainly between SDG?

    The only way I could see the KH series doing FF7 style switching is if there was a game where the main party was 3 of the guardians of light. If somehow there was ever a KH game where it was SRK being the main party for the entire game fans would then riot if they made it to where you were...
  16. The Dark Mamba

    Rapunzel's Crown

    That's not even the worst plot hole in that world. Why the hell did Flynn leave Rapunzel during the lanterns scene? In the movie it's because of the Stabbington brothers but they're not in KH3 so the whole context of the scene in the game makes no sense. Corona, Arendelle and Pirates were all...
  17. The Dark Mamba

    Tangled The Series would be great in a future KH game

    The series is without a doubt one of the best sequel-type things Disney has done for their animated films. If it were ever to be in KH the biggest question I would have is how would they adapt the story. Would they pull a KH3 Pirates and skip all the way the end to the end of the season 3...
  18. The Dark Mamba

    The new Organization ordering

    Yeah, the numbering shocked me when saw how the data battles were showcased. The only thing I can assume is that Luxord. Larxene and Marxluxia are ranked high because of their ancient Keyblade legacy. YX's ranking still makes no sense tho given that he is Xehanort. An order that would make...
  19. The Dark Mamba

    KH3 Marketing & Future Main Titles

    I feel like things like expecting the number of worlds kept a secret is a bit unrealistic especially when there aren't that many anyways. I have more of an issue with marketing like this This trailer is an abomination. Showcased every Disney world's final boss. Major story moments...
  20. The Dark Mamba

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    My world order would be The Ocean City of Supers Agrabah Zootopia Game-Central Station New Orleans Arendelle I limited myself to 7 cuz that's how many KH3 had. I wanna see them put a lot more emphasis on original worlds for KH4.