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    Why Xemnas?

    Why is it that Xemnas is in charge of the Nobodies. I know he is "the leader" but why? Was he the first Nobody, so he is the master? Why is he able to change Axel into a Dusk? I WANNA KNOW!
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    Xion Theory - Makes Perfect Sense

    I tihnk there is a link there with the memories it makes sense to me.
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    There's something about Sora...

    I liked the Com one because he was still the same with different memories
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    Secret Ending actual ending?

    It will be near the end but not the end Ill bet anything that the last fight will be right by Kingdom Hearts and the boss, whoever it may be, will fight just like Ansem SoD with the giant body and sword thingy
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    Re: Enemies in 358/2 Days I think there will be a few organization fights but mostly heartless and disney
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    Pre-Order Your copy of 358/2

    Re: GameStop Already Advertising Preorders for Days What is the japan release date again?
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    Terra Battle

    So did anyone beat him?!
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    Is there a reason for their order.??

    Yeah order has no mix with rank
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    why is that?

    They're right, KH 1 didn't have all these extra attacks and the enemies were harder.
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    Roxas... or Sora?

    They both met Namine during the Ansem fight so she was talking to both at the individual times
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    Form Mirrors?

    I know what you mean but don't know limit sorry
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    If you can improve KH2 what will you do?

    I would want to take out limits they make it too easy and add in Final Mix stuff but that's it
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    Organization's strongest members?

    Xaldin Xigbar and Roxas
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    The Drawing Connection

    It is a symbol but not their actual link I think they are linked because of the time their hearts spent mixed together
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    Your Favorite ► Which world best?

    Which world did you enjoy playing in the most? NO OLYMPUS Note: KH1 Only
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    Release dates

    Ok all these different release dates are annoying to look for so just put any dates you know down here and maybe it will become a sticky.
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    kingdom hearts final mix

    can I play these on PS3?
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    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    I liked Xaldin but luxord and last xemnas were pretty good
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    Stages of Awakening

    I agree with Rain Mickey was the voice
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    The Mystery Guy In BBS

    Okay so this is what I think will happen based on what I've seen. First off, the guy in the dark suit in BBS trailer is Xemnas. Ansem's reports said he found hm with amnesia and that he was almost superhuman. This matches perfectly, he could have only rmembered his old master's name, so Ansem...