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  1. Royale

    i got love in my tummy

    hello :]
  2. Royale

    Eminem - Recovery

    It's out on the 22nd, but I know most already downloaded it. To be honest, this sht is sick. Shady's back yo :D
  3. Royale


    hi kids so how about them lakers?
  4. Royale

    Help/Support ► Ok so i got a dance coming up and i need advice on stuff

    grinding is essential mah nigga you'll be getting boners all night
  5. Royale

    MTV VMA's

    Russell Brand made me lol what you guys think?
  6. Royale

    Help/Support ► Two girls

    when I read the title I thought it was the 2 girls 1 cup, lol anyways, like everyone else said, go for the one you like
  7. Royale

    Help/Support ► Problem with Counter Strike 1.6

    I think it might be steam that's giving you the problem, not 1.6 oh, GET SOURCE.
  8. Royale

    Aliens: Colonial Marines

    I seriously cannot wait for this game. I'm a big fan of the Aliens franchise, so I'm hoping for this to be really good, more on the online multiplayer, though. :3 I just wish my PC will be able to handle it xD Aliens: Colonial Marines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Anyone else excited? :>
  9. Royale

    Help/Support ► help

    Is the world coming to an end in 2 days?
  10. Royale

    Help/Support ► so uh

    She probably gave you her number so you could return the teacups if you didn't like them.
  11. Royale

    Help/Support ► Need Help by choosing a Name

    Kingdom Hearts Fansite That is all.
  12. Royale

    Prison Break Season 4

    Starts tonight. Anyone watching it?
  13. Royale


    asl ? D:
  14. Royale

    hi ppl

    im back okay now imma go post byeeee
  15. Royale

    Help/Support ► Kid in my school committed suicide.

    Suicide is no longer a big surprise since it happens every so often. People need to learn how to deal with their problems and not take the easy way out. Just the other day, my cousin told me that this one boy at her school committed suicide because he wasn't graduating from High School. He left...
  16. Royale

    ES Boss Fight Footage

    Jesus Christ. It didn't even last 5 seconds, lol. xD
  17. Royale

    lolol, Happy Birthday, brainy!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Neko-chan! Yes, our dear brainy_pigeon has turned 14 today.Everyone please make sure to wish her a happy birthday, or else.( Can't think of anything ''evil'' to say. xD) Anyways, I really hope you have a wonderful day today and make sure to bug your parents until you get that...
  18. Royale

    Royal Form! (its never gonna happen but isnt it beuatiful?)

    Ugh,I can't see it since I'm in a school computer.. =\
  19. Royale

    Help/Support ► An... Odd Experience

    Ever consider he might have heard his name before?
  20. Royale

    have you beaten the game?

    I beat it a long time ago,but Marluxia was a pain to defeat. Took me about over than 50 tries. xD