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  1. chenoehii

    KH Unsolved Mysteries

    I've recently started playing kh1 again in the effort of actually finishing it this time for once, feeling very nostalgic, and while I've enjoyed actually defeating Clayton and learning how to equip and add items (10-year-old me wasn't very bright with that lol) I have wanted to go through the...
  2. chenoehii

    Union X: Sugar Rush finale

    True. (I don’t think Xehanort is Player though, I just don’t have the brain cells to really theorize how they’re connected). Still, if it turns out he’s not connected to Player somehow this line is something that may be filed away as an actual coincidence in a game where the tiniest things are...
  3. chenoehii

    Union X: Sugar Rush finale

    Not to be that person but, Dark Road Ch. 1: *Xehanort has dreams of the Player’s adventures* Meanwhile in UX... Chirithy: There might even be ‘another’ you hidden in your heart. Xehanort = Another + X 👁 👁
  4. chenoehii

    Dark Road ► Woody's an asshole

    Yeah, but it does bring up some good points. Like at what point in time did Xehanort actually become an assho!e? I’m curious now. Is it a nature versus nurture? Was he always an assho!e or was he just born destined to be an assho!e? Where are his parents that he could just wander off like that...
  5. chenoehii

    Oh..wow how did you even notice that?? It’s been years since I’ve logged, I forgot all about it...

    Oh..wow how did you even notice that?? It’s been years since I’ve logged, I forgot all about it lol thanks!
  6. chenoehii

    Dark Road ► Baldr's sister & potential connections to Verum Rex?

    The only thing is the butler, aka Not Luxord, tells Yozora, aka Not Noctis, “Impressive, is it not?” Like Yozora hasn’t seen the kind of power Sora has, basically the keyblade. I mean that’s assuming what Not Luxord meant by his statement, but if we run with that meaning than why would he say...
  7. chenoehii

    Dark Road ► Woody's an asshole

    What. the. diddly.
  8. chenoehii

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Union X enters its final chapter

    ..This..there’s an infinite number of theories that could be developed from that alone. (How does Nomura even think this up??) I’m so confused. Like, would this support a Xehanort=Player theory or some..weird theory like a split reminiscent of Vanitas/Ventus where Xehanort is one half in the...
  9. chenoehii

    News ► KINGDOM HEARTS Union X enters its final chapter

    It made me think what if Player and Xehanort are just the same person, after all, if Xehanort is an anagram of “No Heart” with the Sigil included than what is his name, really? And that what if he was just jetted to the future somehow like some of the others? But, the whole ‘this is a boy who...
  10. chenoehii

    Full Epilogue In Japanese

    I wanted to post on the resetera thread when I saw something about Ava being spread (couldn't make an account). For everyone wondering about the chess pieces:
  11. chenoehii

    Kingdom Hearts III Pre-Release Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Edit: replied to your question but the rest took a bit to think about lol
  12. chenoehii

    What got you into the Kingdom Hearts series?

    I'd seen some commercials for KH1 and I thought "Hmmmm..." But it wasn't until the COM spots that it caught my eye enough to want to play it. "Simple and Clean" and Riku and Mickey wearing coats and walking in that crossroads area really caught my eye. I played around a bit on my Gameboy but it...
  13. chenoehii

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    *Thumbs up* t w e n t y - f i v e c h a r a c t e r r u l e
  14. chenoehii

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    Ahh, cool, thanks. It does that to me sometimes too.
  15. chenoehii

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    ..Yeah, that's why I said 'almost,' lol. Actually, AtW isn't a completely ridiculous option either, theory wise that is. Except the fact that he probably didn't even know who Sora was at the start of KH1. But still, a fun thought.
  16. chenoehii

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    True. Personally I don't think the way in which the voice spoke is that important. It'll seem out of character for almost anyone. But, his heart did speak to Sora when it connected with him the final time, so I don't think we can rule out the possibility. *shrugs*
  17. chenoehii

    Time Travel Theory. Older than we think?

    Plus you mention yourself in point 3. that you lose any memories you have of your time traveling experience, soooo... He could remember that he saw or heard something that affected him, and unlike in Castle Oblivion, he would have these memories etched in his heart. But still, he wouldn't be...
  18. chenoehii

    Kingdom Hearts: best to worst?

    You should totally post all of this in the "Unpopular Opinions" thread. :D I too like the atmosphere of Twilight Town, but I think it's just because of Roxas and Axel's love of TT (and apparently Xion too, but I wish she would just go away...) Oddly though I felt kind of weird while playing...
  19. chenoehii

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    Ehhh.. the quote didn't come through; you're talking about the Mickey thing?
  20. chenoehii

    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening