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    KH1 Door Animation

    Hey all, Haven’t posted here in a long time. I recently purchased the PS4 collection. Playing KHfm, I remembered how awesome it was to have Sora actually pushing doors open through when he goes from room to room. I understood why this wasn’t incorporated in Re:CoM or BbS, but I was...
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    Huge Xemnas Theory, Including Why He didn't use a Keyblade (spoilers)

    Apparently, it's not well known - or just incorrect. Read up to page 7, but wasn't it confirmed by Nomura a long ass time ago that one of the conditions for wielding a keyblade is a strong heart? I forget which interview that was, but I'm pretty sure it came out after KH2's release. If one does...
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    Birth by Sleep Consensus.

    To be honest, the only thing that makes me think KH is so great is the nostalgia factor. But even knowing that doesn't make it lose it's glamour to me.
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    Level 1

    I don't know about FM+, but in BbS, you get an extra ability in Critical Mode that you can toggle on or off that negates exp gain.
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    Anyone who has ordered from Amazon..

    I'm in Maryland. Dunno if that helps, but I got mine today.
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    20 KH Mysteries Solved! Sort of.

    This just makes me want to gloat about how Kairi really can weild, as I said. And that Roxas most likely has a heart. :D
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    Help/Support ► Neck bump?

    LMAO *tries to smell his neck*
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    Help/Support ► Stage Fright

    Yeah the only people that make fun of you in presentations/plays are people you probably weren't gonna be friends with anyway. I'm an actor, and that's how I look at it.
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    Help/Support ► Got myself in some Deep Sh*t!

    So.. how did this turn out?
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    Help/Support ► Neck bump?

    Heh, most likely. L isn't that close to N. Do you have acne? When I had acne, yeh, I had a swollen lymph node I guess.
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    Animals in Christianity

    So, why don't animals have souls? Well the ones that aren't homo sapiens anyway.
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    New Interview From Rebirth Wings [Need Translation]

    I do, but at the same time, don't understand why there is so much hate that there isn't a "KH3" in the works. I really like the sound at another story. They seem to like doing different perspectives/timelines, and I'm glad KH is turning to something big. I personally didn't like all of the main...
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    the similarity

    Terra doesn't want to meddle in others' worlds I suppose.
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    Miracles and God

    Okay, so I made a new thread for this because I felt it was off topic in other threads. I'm sure I'm not original in thinking this, but that's why I want to hear the answers that arrive. Miracles. They are "good"* things. Us humans can't explain how they happened without some higher power. So...
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    Universe Natural Selection

    YouTube - Richard Dawkins - Applying Darwinian Evolution to Physics So what do you think of it? It makes sense, I think. It's just weird to me because I can't grasp the concept of more than one universe.
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    Do these really exist?

    YouTube - 10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer - Source Do these four verses really exist in any bible you read? - Exodus 35:2 - God demands that we kill everyone who works on the Sabbath Day. - Deuteronomy 21:18-21 - God demands that we must kill disobedient teenagers...
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    [SPOILERS] BBS Secret Boss' Name

    Gah. I dunno what I was thinking when I wrote that. It was meant to back up your statement, but came out like I didn't really believe you.
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    [SPOILERS] BBS Secret Boss' Name

    Best image I could get from Google Images.. I kinda see it.
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    Are we conscious?

    Okay, think about it. There's an article in The Economist that counters intuitive notions about consciousness. We are quickly accumulating evidence that consciousness may be a product of our behavior, rather than the determinant of behavior that we always assume it to be. So now turns out that...
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    Question about the keyblades

    I think you get them right before you head to the Keyblade Graveyard for the final battles.