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  1. Zearth

    EA's "Skate": Argueably the BEST Skateboard Simulater

    Has anyone heard of this game? Its a Tony Hawks killer. Contrary to the arcade-like system of Tony Hawk, EA's Skate is an accurate simulator of the true sport of skateboarding. Using an innovative control scheme, physics, and online features, EA's skate is definately bound to kick Tony Hawk off...
  2. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► "Principal's Office"- A Series of Short Stories

    Yeah, description is what I'm good at. I'll continue it later when I find time. Thanks for reading.
  3. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► "Principal's Office"- A Series of Short Stories

    Heres a short I did for a writing assignment. I worked on it for 2 hours, so Ithought I'd post it here and make a for more chapters for enjoyment. Have a nice read. “Principal’s Office” The soles of my tattered, black and white Vans kissed the face of the smooth, tile floor...
  4. Zearth


    Self Explainitory. Call me when the RP section stops sucking. =/
  5. Zearth

    Level 5's Shirokishi [White Knight]

    Looks like another great RPG from Level 5, and its a PS3 exclusive. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, SuperEclipse. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jH3309Q09fs&mode=related&search= Gameplay looks awesome, though I'm sure L5 couldve done something with cel shading again.
  6. Zearth

    KHI Battle Royale (Redo)

    Well, after some time, I've decided to redo this wonderful RP yet again. I hope it fairs much better than last time. It starts off great, but ends because people are inactive. So PLEASE try to stay active. The innocent teens woke up in a filthy, old classroom, each one of them sat in an...
  7. Zearth

    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    Lawl. I went through this too. My "friend" really did know bloods, but I didn't get hurt. His brother obviously wasn't dumb enough to kill an adolescent because his little bro told him to. In the end he just got an ass whoopin' from his mom when she found out. I was scared too, but my advice is...
  8. Zearth

    Help/Support ► D2L needs advice on a girl, something that doesn't happen too often

    Ask her out? Thats the only way you'll know, obviously.
  9. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► {Rebels&Ravens}-An Original Fiction

    *coughbumpcough* Yeah, I've been a little busy lately. I'll work on it more later on. But if you honestly crae about the fiction, can you please try to keep it on the first or second pages?
  10. Zearth

    Gantz: Does Anyone Else Read?

    Does anyone else here read Gantz? Its one of the most gorey, action filled, kickass mangas out there. If you haven't read, then you really are missing out. Quoted from wiki: But don't just take my word for it! Check it out yourself! http://www.mangavolume.com/gantz/manga/
  11. Zearth

    Ice-Cold Steel- TBP vs. Shamdeo

    Alright, I challenge Shamdeo to a battle. This one will be different, seeing as we both will not us over powered charaters, and have limited weapons/abilities. Type: Melee/Power (Mostly Melee) Location: A vast, empty grassland. Judges: 1. DARKNESS-2-LIGHT 2. Blahmaster 3. silent one I'll...
  12. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► {Rebels&Ravens}-An Original Fiction

    Working on the third chapter as we speak. Keep those comments coming. This one may not be as long as the last.
  13. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► [[Searching for an A.N.G.E.L]] - A Neon Future Fiction

    Pretty good, eventhough its just a prologue, you did a good job with what little build up there was, and left the reader wanting more. 8/10
  14. Zearth

    I <3 Blahmaster

    I love him so much. He is my soulmate, and we will love eachother forever and ever. Don't deny our love!! I LOVE U BLAH! ME LUV U LONG TIME!!:wub::wub:
  15. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► story

    I dunno if you did this on purpose, but there is a duplicate of this thread on the same page. You should delete one of them.
  16. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► {Rebels&Ravens}-An Original Fiction

    Just a tid bit. Adding on to it as the day goes by. Thanks for the comments everyone. Chapter 3: //:Welcome To The Underground:// All I could see was darkness, and I heard nothing. No shapes, nor figures, simply a black emptiness that had engulfed my very being. But my ability to think...
  17. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► Writers and Artists Participating in a Collab - Sign Up Here!

    I could use an artist for my fic Rebels&Ravens, eventhough I can draw pretty good myself. I just need someone to help. Writing and drawing would e too much of a hassle. I'm willing to pay in rep..>_> Also, anyone who works for me will have to be a deligent partner, because there will be...
  18. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► {Rebels&Ravens}-An Original Fiction

    Chapter 2 it is. Warning, this is very long, and has some very..."bad" language and violence. Enjoy. Also, my comp was being gay, and i couldn't post the editted version with less grammar and spelling errors. sorry. Chapter 2: [ Dance Dance Graveyard; Trenchcoat Ambivalence ]...
  19. Zearth

    Fanfiction ► {Rebels&Ravens}-An Original Fiction

    Here's my fiction I made awhile ago. I decided to repost it, since I think I have a good idea of where I want the plot to go. I based this story off of some of my favorite shows and books like Cowboy Bebop, Gunslinger Girl, and The Outsiders. The story may start out kind of slow, but please...