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  1. Veriun

    Just got KH: HD 1.5 Remix and need some help

    My game has no sound at all. Period. No voices, no sound effects, nothing. I get the little Dearly Beloved tune when I hover over the game in the Playstation menu, and the sound works on other PS3 games, but once I actually activate KH1.5 I get absolutely nothing. Neither FM, CoM or Days have...
  2. Veriun


    I watched all tutorials and cutscenes (English-language version). I didn't get the glitch.
  3. Veriun

    Why did KH2 suck to everyone??

    I suppose I can chalk my dislike of KH2 up to highly personal preferences. KH1 is like a storybook, KH2 is like an anime, and I happen to like storybooks better. KH1 also managed to be dark and creepy on a whole 'nother level than KH2, not to mention that it was hard to lose sight of the plot...
  4. Veriun

    TGS Trailer officially released! (JP and Eng. Subbed trailers in first post)

    Re: TGS Trailer officially released! The picture where Sora's falling down looks like Notre Dame is the city at the bottom. About the past scene with Xehanort and Braig, maybe it's a memory Riku will be able to access or something once they get the key to sleep or whatever? It's from...
  5. Veriun

    New Gameplay Video of Sora's demo from Famitsu

    Am I the only one who love the colorfulness? The rainbow barf is what made me buy Kingdom Hearts 1 in the first place.
  6. Veriun

    Nobodies and Suicide. . . "The Easy Way Out"

    The Organization didn't want their old hearts back. They wanted new ones, probably because, as seen with Roxas/Sora and Kairi/Naminé, Nobodies aren't the person they once were. Getting their old hearts back would make their original self "take over".
  7. Veriun


    Roxas had an actual heart inside him. Xemnas hadn't.
  8. Veriun

    Something that People aren't Noting in the Secret Ending

    I'm not sure if it means a)they know where Aqua is or b)they just think she's off doing what Keyblade Masters do. And does Yen Sid know what happened to Terra? :/ He didn't seem to know by the time Aqua left the tower with Ven, and it may explain why it shows old MX in the scene instead of his...
  9. Veriun

    It would have been cooler if it went like this.

    Don't give Nomura ideas, or we'll end up with Sora looking like the lion thing he was in the concept art. Or find out the Sora we've known until now is just a replica or blahblah. But no, I don't see this making sense. Sora never connected to Van. All Sora did was fill a hole in Ven's heart -...
  10. Veriun

    Kingdom Hearts 3D story possible plot

    -Sora and Riku dive into their hearts (lol) in search for the "tormented memories". -They create data bodies using the data inside Sora (data can go into the real world, shown by Roxas' money pouch). -They pull out Terra, Ven, Roxas and Xion, and put them into these bodies. This solves the...
  11. Veriun

    English BbS Trailer + Game Play Videos

    Re: e3 english trailer Aqua's voice doesn't sit well with me, but then again, the voices will probably sound better with background music/sounds. Also, , so whoever the cloaked person is, s/he didn't necessarily come from the future... though going by the weapons, I'd say it's pretty obvious...
  12. Veriun

    To make things clear about BBS

    Sora had it until he stabbed himself in HB. His own heart left his body, but Ven's was left behind because obviously it couldn't turn into a Heartless. Then Roxas had it through Days, and Sora got it back when they fused at the beginning of KH2.
  13. Veriun

    To make things clear about BBS

    Wait, what? I thought Nomura spelled right out that Roxas has Ven's heart. Great info, though, especially the Sora-Vanitas connection. Hopefully there won't be new threads about the same things popping up all over the place now.
  14. Veriun

    About Ven's heart.

    Sorry if this has been brought up before. Also, since this is the spoiler section, I'm not going out of my way as far as spoiler tags are concerned. Anyway, I was thinking about how Ven's heart is supposed to heal - after all, it's been in Sora for 10+ years and hasn't made much of a recovery...
  15. Veriun

    If Kingdom Hearts II was entirely Roxas' game

    Just throwing ideas out there. Maybe have Sora sleep through most of KH2 or something to avoid the whole body issue. Also, I'd change the "Roxas can feel cuz he iz speshul nobody lulz" into "he can feel because his Somebody is still running around"/"Sora's heart isn't covered in darkness like...
  16. Veriun

    Nobody Orb?

    Go to Hall of the Cornerstone in Disney Castle. There's a portal there that leads to LS.
  17. Veriun


    1. MX wanted to create a brand new world where light and darkness were equals or somesuch; the current world has too much light. Also, he said something about wanting to see if their light could equal the one spoken of in legends. 2. Darkness erodes the heart. Eraqus is such a firm believer in...
  18. Veriun

    Bringing Back The Keyblade Wars?

    Crap. Nomura just made every sucky KH OC canon with the "there are many other Keyblade masters out there" comment. Anyway, my memory's a bit rusty. Is the Keyblade War supposed to start when the X-blade is formed, or when KH is actually unlocked? Because if it's the latter, it never happened...
  19. Veriun

    Which Organization member did you enjoy taking out most?

    Marluxia in FM+. Mainly because he was the only Data thing that didn't murder me after the first five seconds. Demyx was frighteningly easy as well, after I discovered that fire magic + wisdom form completely rapes his water clones. God knows I replayed that battle twice after I found out, if...
  20. Veriun

    What does he mean? WARNING SPOILER ALERT!!

    Sora hadn't got Ven's heart by that point (courtesy of Roxas), and given the nature of CO/Sora's "only a heart"-state, I wouldn't be surprised if his connecting powers failed or something.