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    Best Poet?

    Who do youu think is really the best poet?? please comment about your favorite poet on my page because i am interested in who people think really is the best poet. I would have to say Edgar Allan Poe
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    Anyone know anything about pre algebra?

    uhh so i was just wondering in the problem g=cst if you are solving for s does it equal s=gct?
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    Pre Order 358/2 Days!

    Check it out. Go to Gamestop.com - Buy Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - Nintendo DS . no joke
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    Wait a sec...

    Isnt it true in khII that if u beat Sephiroth that u get the Fenrir Keyblade?
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    I made sea salt ice-cream =D

    dude tht is ahhmazing! ill have to try that sometime. it should turn out... well... interesting. haha:D
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    Do You Prefer...

    Which do you prefer over the others? Summons, limits, drives, or none of them. post your comments please;P
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    Help! can't beat Sephiroth

    I hav been trying to beat sephiroth but he keeps killing me like the 2nd or third time he wipes out almost all of ur hp and all of my mp.
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    Which game do you think Sephiroth was harder to beat in?

    Which game did you have more trouble beating Sephiroth in?
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    Help/Support ► A.A..A...Asking!

    why dont u ask ur friends crush for him?
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    Help/Support ► Girl issues again

    haha thats exactly hows girls feel most of the time.
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    About Re:CoM...

    im not really worried, more like curious. You would have thought that kh2 would have been harder than the first considering one of the fairy ppl said "This journey is going to be twice as difficult as your last!" er sumthing like that. I just want an idea of wat to expect.
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    About Re:CoM...

    wat level were u?
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    About Re:CoM...

    I have nt played Re:CoM yet, but i intend to soon, on a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the difficulty? please reply;P
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    The World That Never Was...

    mhmm. The only ppl tht could survive there would be members of the orginization or keyblade weilders
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    The World That Never Was...

    hmm... I'm not sure anyone would even want to live there cuz like u guys said, there were heartless nd nobodies everywhere.
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    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    I liked the battle against Axel as Roxas cuz the 2 keyblade s were cool nd i like all of the orginization member fights for the most part at least. I liked the scar one 2 and the dragon thing wit Mulan.