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    New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS With Translations

    Re: New Scan: Olympus Coliseum + FF Character in BBS I'm sorry but I need to chime in here real quick. There is no way during Kingdom hearts 1 Disney allowed Nomura free reign to age their characters. I mean shit he wasn't allowed to use mickey except for one scene at the end.
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    [Spoilers] Replicas Discussion Thread

    Let's not forget that both replica's were made in Castle Oblivion which we are still unclear about.
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    Castle Oblivion in Birth By Sleep

    Yeah guys think outside the box. Just because the Organization didn't exist in BBS doesn't mean CO didn't exist either. Castle Oblivion is a very mysterious place with powers that even Xenmas doesn't understand. There is definitely more to it then what we know right now. Look at the...
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    Happy with Xion? *spoilers*

    The part where Xion puts her hand to Roxas' face made me sad. I think that might be the first time where there is some hint of love in Kingdom hearts.
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    Why was Donald SURPRISED at where Yensid lived in kh2???

    I'm on the side that says he moved. However I think there is a more deeper reason as to why he moved. Yensid did teach Mickey how to use the Keyblade as far as we know and I suspect Yensid moving is kinda reminiscent of why Yoda had to leave at the end of Episode 3. In Birth By sleep there is...
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    358/2 days cgi scene?

    Even on the PS2 the scenes you see in Days that have high quality graphics are prerendered. Anything that is done within the engine of the game is not. You can obviously tell this when the quality lowers. The only reason Days doesn't have a High Quality prerendered video like the others is...
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    358/2 Days will be at E3 + Fall Release for North America

    Sweet I'll be going to E3 Wednesday! Can't wait! Also I'm hoping there are some new KH announcement too.
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    Day's with DSi content?

    I didn't spend 180 bucks to never use the damn thing!! I have a DS lite and a DSi one I use to pirate stuff and the other(DSi) I can't use yet cause I'm not buying another flash card. So they better make something DSi exclusive or I'm selling it.
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    358/2 Days FMV?

    let me clear something up for you peeps. There are 3 types of models in Kingdom Hearts games, the Super High poly ones you see in the beginning and the ending of the games in the pre-rendered video(it is a video file playing on the PS2 and is not being rendered by the PS2's 3D hardware. Then...
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    358/2 Days Official Site Adds New Trailer

    No that's ok I'll continue to make a fool of you when need be. On topic "OMG GAWD GAIZ NEW KINGDOM HEARTZ TRAILER!!" Oh sorry I was channeling Audo for a sec...ahem. Did you guys watch the trailer at least 4 times so you could focus on each little screen in detail instead of trying to watch...
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    358/2 Days Official Site Adds New Trailer

    No it wasn't it was fucking stupid. Stupid 4chan bullshit memes and moronic internet culture.
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    Kingdom Hearts customizably interactive Wall paper(not sure where this should go??)

    Sorry I'm posting this here but it was in response to the new wallpapers that were posted on the Japanese KH:358/2 days site. Furthermore I don't know where it would go... If it needs to be moved please do, at least I know it would be going in the proper place. I originally made this so I...
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    New screenshots?

    Though I think these might actually be images from KH2 and COM...but I'm not sure Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days | Screenshots, images You be the arbiter. They could be from 358 days but even if they are it looks like stuff we have seen before.
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    Lexii(original character)wearing uniform

    Anyway here it is, her name is Lexii and she is lead mechanic and engineer for the Coallation Corporation. She mainly works with steam powered machines. She is blonde, has blue eyes, and she wears a pretty blue bow in her hair. Lexii is a bit of a hot head because most of her co-workers tease...
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    Lexii(original character)[artistic nudity, extremely tasteful]

    I sure as hell hope I don't get in trouble for posting this...which reminds me...I don't even know if I am allowed to post this on photobucket. Internet is seriously hyped up about nudity. It's completely artistic and non perverted. In addition I spent a long long time(3 1/2 days) on this. I...
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    Everything We Know About 358/2 Days | Xion So Far

    If Square-Enix wants to get a jump on the West for this game they should throw us a freaking bone already. The Kingdom Hearts series is more of a success over here than it is there. Plus didn't SE say they want to have more world wide releases for their titles?? I blame Nomura for being so...
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    How much of the Touch Screen will 358/2 use

    Phantasy Star Zero has a pretty basic system for controlling your Ai partners so I can only hope that 358/2 days. And if we don't well that is going to suck a lot. I hate not being able to control the Ai. However I am pretty confident they will include some option since Kingdom Hearts 1 had...
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    Let's discuss the panel system!! (max lvl 24?)

    Yeah I dig the panel system completely. It really makes for a more customizable experience, kinda like how COM was. KH1 and KH2 both had similar systems that were a bit limited. Still fun but if you have enough AP points you just equip everything. So yeah this panel system is gonna make the...
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    Let's discuss the panel system!! (max lvl 24?)

    I was looking at the translation scans and I noticed that there is a "LVL up" item, and the max of them is 24. It appears you do not level up using experience points. Instead you use items to put in your panel. Though I can only assume you put them in your panel, maybe they are one time use...
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    Yet Another New Days Scan

    If you are in Castle Oblivion for any time at all I don't think we will be using cards, there is no way they are going to design 2 battle systems in one game. If that is indeed what you don't want.