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  1. WhinyAcademic

    DBX Emperor Palpatine vs. Master Xehanort

    I think the Force gives Sheev enough of an edge over Master Xehanort even if he had the x-Blade and KH like at the end of III, so I’m fine with the outcome. I’m glad Master Xehanort wasn’t a joke though, Sheev did work for his victory.
  2. WhinyAcademic

    Favorite KH youtuber?

    Sarah Key is my favorite, she’s very pure and sweet and a genuine lover of the franchise and other content on her channel. She used Ariel a lot against Yozora and Lo and behold, that was the breakthrough tactic I needed to get him. Super Butter Buns also has super entertaining reactions to the...
  3. WhinyAcademic

    (SPOILERS) Union X: The World's End

    In the character files, Marluxia said the next time he woke after his death in COM, he was already a vessel for Xehanort. The Seekers simply conscripted him, Larxene and Luxord; and Marluxia notes that Master Xehanort doesn’t care that they rebelled against Xemnas because he doesn’t see them as...
  4. WhinyAcademic

    KHMoM ending is the true KH3 ending (or why we need a KH3 Final Mix+)

    Re: Mind was definitely a director’s cut of the finale of III with the main draw being the new playable characters, who should have been playable all along. Mickey and Kairi are slightly different cases since they’re both part of huge set pieces that are legitimately part of a different...
  5. WhinyAcademic

    The Caribbean World

    At World’s End was my favorite Pirates film but as long, dark and murky as it is, I’m not terribly surprised that more of the film wasn’t explored. Stuff like Sao Feng was asking to be cut, the movie is usually criticized for being too long and having too much treachery and gambits. It does...
  6. WhinyAcademic

    What If: Unreality Is Reality and Sora's Reality Is Fiction?

    Sora is in, for all effects and purposes, the realm of death after Re: MIND. That’s how Yozora was able to meet him in his dreams, since sleep and death occasionally cross over. The whole encounter and boss fight took place in Yozora’s dream, which is how he was able to change the setting from...
  7. WhinyAcademic

    ...So, can we stick primarily with pixar?

    Pixar definitely has a treasure trove of material to work with. You could very easily get a LOT of mileage out of Toy Story alone based on how massive it was in III and without even basing it on a plot of a movie. We can go to Al’s Toy Barn, Pizza Planet, Sunnyside, and plenty more. That said...
  8. WhinyAcademic

    How would you rank the Kingdom Hearts games?( Favourite - least favourite)

    1. Kingdom Hearts II - an impressive escalation worthy of a sequel, great worlds and gameplay, great new and old characters. Final Mix adding Lingering Will alone was a worthy addition. 2. Kingdom Hearts III - a nearly perfect conclusion to the Dark Seeker Saga. The plot doesn’t progress until...
  9. WhinyAcademic

    Locked Gate of 280

    Oh thank goodness. I’m at 203 and want to hurry because spoilers are arriving. Thank you so much!
  10. WhinyAcademic

    Locked Gate of 280

    Hi, without spoilers, I have up until the KH3 Keyblade Graveyard complete, but I don’t have enough to access the three things behind the locked gate needing 280 completed missions to pass. Am I unable to access the ending and the juicy stuff if I don’t access this section and complete these...
  11. WhinyAcademic

    News ► More songs confirmed for Melody of Memory!

    Interesting! So we are surely getting KH3 worlds rendered in the old engine based on the Wave of Darkness footage we’ve seen. Wonder how it’ll look to see lower res Toy Box, Monstropolis, Corona, etc. If there’s ONE KH3 song I want it’s Oscurita di Xehanort. Just that. They already said KH3...
  12. WhinyAcademic

    News ► KH - III, II.8, Unchained χ & Union χ [Cross] - Original Soundtrack Track List Revealed

    Forza Finale is a cool name but Oscurita di Xehanort has been with us for almost two years. That IS the name of the track as far as I’m concerned.
  13. WhinyAcademic

    News ► Gamekult interviews Hazama, Nomura & Suzui about KH Melody of Memory

    Yeah this is pretty much Limit Cut for $60 in terms of story progression which to be frank, is what we’re all chomping at the bit for. You’ll get a few intro cutscenes, then the hours you spend on completing the game, and a few cutscenes at the end that Nomura and co have openly said are not...
  14. WhinyAcademic

    News ► Rumour: A World Based on Frozen 2 Reportedly Considered for Kingdom Hearts 4

    Ugh. Arendelle was trash. Frozen II was trash. No thanks.
  15. WhinyAcademic

    Could further paid DLCs be possible for "Kingdom Hearts 3"?

    There are two things I’d like for future DLC; more stuff for Data Greeting, and more playable character options for Limit Cut, or even the main story. Just for even more replay ability, let me play as Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Aqua, and Roxas during the data battles, or in the main story. Just for...
  16. WhinyAcademic

    Honest Game Trailers: Kingdom Hearts 3

    Also I like how their original KH trailer poked at the series for repeating worlds over and over again, when there are tons more properties out there they could use (they specifically named Pixar). Yet come this one, they’re mocking the series for apparently running out of properties to make...
  17. WhinyAcademic

    Honest Game Trailers: Kingdom Hearts 3

    Yeah Honest Trailers sucks without Jon Bailey. Honestly I don’t feel like they did that great here. They got a few things right, like talking about Kairi being a perpetual damsel in distress, the tonal disparities of Mike Wazowski existing in the same universe as Sephiroth, and how batshit the...
  18. WhinyAcademic

    The new Organization ordering

    Ansem and Xemnas are Master Xehanort’s top lieutenants, Xigbar has been with MX since the beginning. Those four make sense. I think the new character files dropping have actually said that Marluxia didn’t get a chance to wake up recompleted upon his defeat in COM, he just next remembered being a...