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    who are the three knights?

    Um to possibly disprove something he may hate Xeahnort because really the soldiers name is different and the bad guy possibly changed his name dunno.:cursing: Edit:A new story awaits the awekining what if they focus on someone being awaken maybe the Blond Haired Soldier dunno.
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    Speculation of the E.S Battle (Spoilers Knights names and possibly Old man's)

    Um Xaldin you're a genious I think land=terr or something like that I asked my parents and granmother so that name you said terra is probablly the right one you are definetly onto something and the e.s. has some sort of connection to Riku maybe hense saying you're not him so their may be a...
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    have you beaten the game?

    Uh no I'm stuck and I'm like so annoyed I guess.
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    Kingdom hearts 2......Too easy?

    Yeah Kingdom Hearts 2 seems/seemed to easy compared to Kingdom Hearts 1.:confused:
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    Hey I'm TWTNW

    Hey I'm TWTNW nice to meet you all and I hope I have a gret time on this forum with regards. TWTNW:thumbsup: