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    I found some cut scenes that are starting to bug me

    I personally believe that Axel asked the question because he was doubtful of the answer he had heard his whole life: No. Xemnas practically beat into every Organization member that they had no hearts, no emotions. But you see Axel chasing Roxas, saying that he'd miss him, unable to kill him when...
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    Nobodies Really Have Desires/Wants?

    Hmm, I've thought about this a lot, too. The thing is, Nobodies do not have hearts, but they still have a body and soul. Sure, everyone thinks that the heart governs emotions... but what about the soul? Is the soul just thinking, moving, etc.? What does the soul really do? Maybe the soul can...
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    Opinion on Demyx

    He has an adorable personality. I don't really care about his lack of fighting skills; as a matter of fact, I think the fact that he didn't enjoy fighting was a good addition of his character. All the other characters were like fighting-obsessed. I liked him. ^^ Plus, mullet = pure win. At...
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    KH2´s disturbing ending?

    Oh, wow. I'd hate to live in whatever part of the world that thinks hugging and helping friends walk is gay. Which, I believe, would be nowhere here on Earth. Unless I'm not aware of such an anti-social society. If he couldn't grab his belt, uhh, what else could he have used to support himself...