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    Card break?

    Hey all....well I played kh1 nd kh2 and beat it perfectly...etc...but I never palyed CoM so I bought it and started....wat do they mean by "card break"...im not really sure...I kno that it means you get attacked a lot...how do I prevent this? Sorry if i sound like a Noob....I saw the "help...
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    *SPOILERS*Kingdom Hearts 2: Limited Edition Guide.

    cool....I guess I gotta get that edition now xP..I have the older one and also how come its titled
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    How much is Kh2 worth?

    lol I dont think kh2 itself is worth that much xP....if you base it on its Story and Style then its priceless xP..but its worth a 100 bucks to me
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    Hey all....im kinda new here and I ddunno if this belongs here or not..if it doesnt please dont flame me....My Question is Finall Fantasy Advent Children..is it a whole different series? or is it part of Final Fantasy 10 or Final Fantasy 7......Thanks again..and now flaming please...im new xP
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    Summons in KH2

    yea Summons were bad in kh2 not really helpful only in the cups...as he said ^^^ but Aeon summons would be awesome! I would Ifrit and cast fire xP
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    COM Movie

    Well....maybe they could come out with both!....but If I had to choose it would prolly be kh3...^^^much mroe fun to play then watch xP
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    Hey! Whtas your favorite form?

    uhh.....I thinks theres been numerous threads on these....(not flaming)..so jus search next time...anyways,....Final Form
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    whats your fav drive?

    Valor form...although Master Form is stronger Red is my ciolor not so much Yellow xP....and I didnt unlock Final Form yet lol...so..I dont kno bout that one
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    3 way ultimate battle

    Kh2 all the way....Gameplay kicks @$$
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    Hi all....I was searching for some kingdom hearts information and I came across this site...it looks pretty cool and it helped me a lot....well.....=)
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    who do you think is the best kh2 player in this site?

    Yea....it really would be impossible to tell.....
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    :) luckily I got mine the day it came out....a little corner store near my dads office....*Nbail dances*